Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From LA Examiner: Rob Benedict on God in 'Supernatural'; 'Rookie Blue' Renewed; Say Good-Bye To 'Friday Night Lights'; 'Castle' Hires New Police Chief

"Rob Benedict weighs in on the place of God in the Supernatural story"

There has been so much controversial chatter over Supernatural's decision to turn Castiel (Misha Collins) into God in their season six finale twist and cliff-hanger, but much of it has come from the fact that fans want the character to be a large part of season seven, and this action means he cannot be. Think about what happened when we learned Chuck Shurley (Rob Benedict) was God, for example, at the end of season five: he just snapped his fingers and disappeared. God had left the building, yet it somehow seemed fitting; his story had wrapped up. Castiel's story doesn't feel finished at all, and yet how can the writers effectively deal with him and all that he now implies? ... [MORE]

"ABC renews Rookie Blue for a third season"

Over the weekend Rookie Blue series star Missy Peregrym Tweeted her excitement about getting renewed, but very quickly the Tweet was mysteriously deleted. Fans and reporters alike wondered what it meant: did her agent or producers just advise her against announcing ahead of the studio? Or was the decision rethought and the renewal not imminent? Well, now we can all breathe easier, as ABC officially announced season three via press release this morning... [MORE]

"Say good-bye to Dillon, TX with NBC’s airing of the Friday Night Lights finale"

It’s extremely hard to sit down and write a piece previewing an episode that, if you wanted to, you could have easily watched one hundred times already. Not only did the series finale of Friday Night Lights already air on DirecTV months prior to its season even starting on NBC, but the DVD box set has been available since before then, as well. But let’s face it: even if you have already seen the episode, once or twice or dozens of times, if you’re loyal to the Panthers, the Lions, or Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler), you will tune in again regardless of what we write or if we write anything at all. After all, it’s the end of an era! ... [MORE]

"Penny Johnson Jerald to shake up the team dynamic on Castle"

The ramifications of Castle's third season finale that aired in May are sure to be on-going as the fourth season begins on ABC, but one thing that cannot take a long time to resolve is the hole in the precinct upon Captain Montgomery (Ruben Santiago-Hudson)'s untimely death. And today TV Guide has received confirmation on ABC's casting for the new boss, a television heavyweight in her own right, Penny Johnson Jerald... [MORE]

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