Thursday, July 7, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Torchwood' Comes to LA; 'Haven' Returns With Alt-Audrey; Aaron Ashmore Heads To 'Warehouse 13'; 'Falling Skies' Renewed...

"Torchwood: Miracle Day brings the March of the Soulless to Los Angeles"

Are you getting excited for Torchwood: Miracle Day yet? Well, there are still more than twenty-four hours to go until the premiere episode, but Starz knows just how you may be jonesing and is offering you a little hit of a preview. For one day only, you can head down to designated spots in Los Angeles to observe the “March of the Soulless"... [MORE]

"Haven season two starts with two very distinct Audreys"

/Syfy and Stephen King’s Haven has always been filled with a special, unique brand of quirky goodness, but it’s season two premiere takes the oddities to a whole new level. Biblical plague in the case of the week aside (but really, that says a lot about the stakes, too), Haven shows hints of tapping into a Fringe-like universe by offering a look at “alt-Audrey"... [MORE]

"Aaron Ashmore on the Warehouse 13 team, artifacts & Confederate reenactments"

When Warehouse 13 returns, it is not without a new addition to the team. At this late stage in the game, a new character could easily cause upset among the group, both on and off screen. But luckily for the new guy in this situation, Aaron Ashmore, Warehouse 13 is a welcoming environment and there is more than enough room for his particular brand of quirk. And special skills. Again, both on and off screen! ... [MORE]

"Falling Skies set to invade TNT for a second season"

Finally, right? After a few epic episodes of Falling Skies aired on TNT, the network announced today that they have granted the alien invasion series a ten-episode second season to premiere in summer 2012... [MORE]

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