Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From LA Examiner: Zachary Levi Previews Nerd HQ; Advance Reviews of 'Awkward' and 'Web Therapy'; Emma Caufield Hops on a Whole New 'Bandwagon'...

"Zachary Levi talks all things nerd (but mostly Nerd HQ!)"

“I have identified as being a nerd my whole life,” Chuck star and Nerd Machine co-founded Zachary Levi told LA TV Insider Examiner. “I mean, I grew up with a Nintendo controller in my hand, and X-Men comics in my back pocket…and then of course, doing drama, it doesn’t exactly put you in the cool kid crowd. But it’s funny; I’ve always felt really blessed-- really lucky-- that even as a kid, you know, while of course there are always those sort of cliques or things that I wished I could have been a part of, or even tried to be a part of, I was pretty content being who I was. And I knew from an early age that you do what makes you happy, and trying to do what other people makes them happy isn’t going to make you happy. Being into Nintendo or comics or drama, that made me happy, and I was happy to be labeled as whatever came along with being passionate for those things"... [MORE]

"MTV’s Awkward is an apt title for the dry teen comedy aimed at any age"

It’s hard to know what to do with MTV’s dark comedy Awkward when reviewing only the pilot. On the one hand, it reminds us a lot of one of our favorite comedies for fall (more on that later), Suburgatory, in that its lead character is dry but not morose, snarky but not sadistic, and rebellious but not dangerous. But on the other, its main plot point in the premiere is centered on said character’s assumed attempted suicide. It didn’t work when glee tried to make light of it, and it doesn’t work (for us) now. After all, it’s an epidemic among teenagers today, and Awkward is set in high school, surrounding a bunch of less-than-popular kids. Despite the fact that Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards who reminds us of a brunette Britt Robertson in inflections and facial expressions) seems oddly well adjusted for what she is being accused of trying to do, it still may hit a bit too close to home. But that's just the way Awkward slams you into the world, and we have to hand it to them for being so bold and making such a statement right off the bat. Just like Jenna herself, the show is unafraid to and unapologetic about being itself. And as they like to say these days, "it gets better"... [MORE]

"Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy proves laughter really is the best medicine"

Do you remember Starz’ Head Case, a somewhat adlibbed comedy starring Alexandra Wentworth as her own unique brand of unorthodox therapist? Well, we do, and at times we still mourn it. But thanks to Showtime we finally have something to fill the void. Lisa Kudrow’s web series Web Therapy condenses the on-the-couch talking heads of Head Case, or even HBO’s much more serious In Treatment, into three-minute psychiatric sessions, and despite her Dr. Fiona Wallice’s unorthodox attitude, that is the kind of therapy we could get behind! Consisting of the original web episodes, cut together with some additional material, each half-hour episode has Fiona embarking on online sessions with a variety of patients. She doesn’t believe in letting them ramble on about dreams or fears or memories “that add up to a whole lot of nothing,” as far as she is concerned, which is why she keeps it short and sweet, but at times they still manage to go wildly off-topic... [MORE]

"Emma Caulfield talks taking on glee & recruiting TV greats for her Bandwagon"

Bandwagon and all that it is is such a huge passion of mine. We’re already bouncing around ideas for season three, what we would call our golden ticket, in terms of a celebrity we would pair up with. We have a few in mind, and a few topics, [but] how and where that’s seen—if it continues to live on the web or if it’s picked up on cable, we really don’t know [yet],” actress, writer, and web series creator Emma Caulfield told LA TV Insider Examiner earlier this week... [MORE]

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