Monday, July 11, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Dallas' Take 2; James Wolk Take 2; Fate of Myka on 'Warehouse 13'; Emily Rose Previews 'Haven' S2; What's Ian Ziering Up To?...

"Hang on to your Stetsons, TNT orders Dallas for summer 2012"

Summer is heating up! TNT announced today that they have given the green light to their remake of Dallas, ordering ten episodes set to start in summer 2012. Will this be another Melrose Place redo? Or will it prove to have longevity, more like 90210? ... [MORE]

"James Wolk to stir the pot on Shameless"

Sources confirm that James Wolk the young star of Georgetown and Lone Star is heading to Showtime's Shameless in their second season... [MORE]

"Warehouse 13 EP Jack Kenny on the status of Myka in season three"

Jack Kenny, executive producer of Syfy’s Warehouse 13 doesn’t like to rule anything out. When you have assembled as great a cast as he has, you’re going to want to keep them around for years to come, right? But at the same time, you need to keep the intensity up and the dramatic stakes interesting enough to keep the viewers from being able to guess every little next step. Sometimes this means getting rid of characters early on (as he likes to point out “Remember, at the end of the first season [they] killed Artie, so…”). However, in a genre program such as this, just because a character is gone does not mean they are really gone, you know what we’re saying? So does that mean there is a chance for Myka (Joanne Kelly) to return and maybe shake up the team dynamic just when the new guy (Aaron Ashmore) is finally getting comfortable? ... [MORE]

"ABC daytime's The Revolution casting in Los Angeles during carmaggedon"

If you're brave enough to go on reality television, you're probably also brave enough to face Los Angeles traffic during the 405 closure that news outlets all across the southland are referring to as "carmaggedon." And that is exactly the kind of tough spirit ABC daytime is looking for in contenders for their new reality weight loss series, The Revolution... [MORE]

"Emily Rose says Audrey may finally find her true self within season two of Haven"

What if everything you believed about yourself turned out to not necessarily be true? Well, true for someone, but not for you? It sounds like the start of an existential crisis, right? But for Haven’s Audrey, who learned at the end of season one that she might actually be a woman named Lucy who has not aged a day in decades, it seemed to be just another day in the small troubled town. Such was not the case for series star Emily Rose... [MORE]

"Ian Ziering talks guest starring on Happily Divorced and expanding his brand"

The stars of the original Beverly Hills 90210 have come a long, long way since their days in the harrowed halls of West Beverly. A few of them have gone on to leading other television shows, including starring in their own reality lifestyle programs, a few others have taken a turn in the director’s chair, a few of the smaller players have even faded a bit from fame. But one in particular has focused instead on working on himself as a complete person, not just as a celebrity, and has created something a bit longer lasting because of it. Ian Ziering has focused more closely most recently on his family (he and his wife recently had a daughter) and a business venture with a skincare line... [MORE]

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