Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tales From TCA: Preview AMC's 'Hell on Wheels', BBC America's 'Bedlam' & New 'Doctor Who', HBO's 'Enlightened'...

"AMC's Hell on Wheels to showcase the personal struggle of post Civil War U.S."

When you first consider the drama that may be invoked with the building of the Union Pacific Railroad, you may not think about the interpersonal issues that surely arose. Ideas like premature death from dangers on the job, exposure to extreme weather, and malnutrition or starvation, as well as politics of the "race" involved between the east and the west. But AMC was able to see beyond the obvious-- beyond the stale details we all read in our history textbooks in school. Considering the racial, religious, and romantic relationship issues that would arise when newcomers ride into town and ultimately take over, they have crafted a new hour-long drama meant to challenge how you think about biggest moments in our history. Hell on Wheels will force you to look at the actual people that did the dirty work and how their own lives were changed (for better and for worse) by something that ultimately changed the whole way of the world... [MORE]

"BBC America's Bedlam to offer a new perspective on an old ghost story"

Admittedly when we first heard the premise of BBC America's upcoming supernatural drama, Bedlam, we were skeptical. It's not that we don't believe in ghosts (which we actually don't), but the idea of a haunted apartment building because the structure is actually a converted psychiatric hospital? What kind of awful contractor would do that!? And furthermore, Jed (Theo James), the man at the center, tasked (and burdened, in many ways) to vanquish these spirits was in and out of mental institutions himself, so how do we know it's not all just in his head? ... [MORE]

"What's to come on Doctor Who? Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Steven Moffat preview!"

For a series that began airing in the 1960s, it is quite a remarkable feat that today Doctor Who is not only still relevant but increasing in popularity. Over the years it has came and went, spun off a number of side programs, and collected a whopping number of actors portraying the titular role of "The Doctor." But the genre show airing on BBC America is not reminiscent of soap operas in the melodramatic way of recasting; instead, each new actor is really portraying a new doctor, which allows for freedom not only in the performance but also in the overall mythology of the show. Matt Smith raised a few eyebrows when he was first cast because of just how young he looks (and he is the youngest Doctor to date), but he clearly won over the fandom-- rallying a few thousand at Comic Con last weekend and a few hundred at TCA in Los Angeles today... [MORE]

"HBO and Mike White are Enlightened but the show's characters may not be"

"Did I have a nervous breakdown?" Enlightened creator Mike White started his TCA session in Los Angeles today, addressing any elephant in the room about whether or not this project, like so many of his previous ones, are cut from a personal cloth... [MORE]

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