Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Author, Critic, Reporter, and Now VODcaster?...

I know I've been neglecting this blog lately. I feel bad about it, too. All day long I work on pitching interviews, conducting interviews, transcribing interviews. Then I throw in some TV watching and reviewing and some email tag with publicists to get confirmation on news and rumors. When writing is your day job, and you work from home, it becomes harder and harder to set aside time to write for yourself. At least it does for me. I like to take breaks. I like to diversify. I like to mix it up. And occasionally I even like to socialize. But I still love television more than just about every other thing. So combining all of those elements, what do you get? Why, a brand new VODcast, of course!

Teaming up with my friend Marisa from Give Me My Remote, the VODcast is something we can do to further talk about television and engage our respective (and sometimes overlapping) audiences. She and I watch and write about a lot of the same shows, but there are also a few that she covers much more in-depth than I do and vice versa. There are only so many hours in the day! And we often find that we spend time telling each other why she needs to carve out time to catch up on something like Fringe (and because of her, I did!) or Community (I'm still trying to convince her of that one).

We won't be breaking news on this VODcast, and we probably won't feature special guest stars. But we will take requests from our Twitter followers; we will answer your questions and take into consideration the shows you want us to talk about. Some of the shows we will cover on the VODcast may be ones we don't have time to write about on our sites at all. It's easier to talk for ten minutes sometimes than to write an in-depth feature.

So far we turned our attention to fall TV-- what we like that's new and what we are anticipating that's returning. But so many big things are coming up that we're sure to tackle them all (assuming you all want us to, and show us that by tuning in!). That means the Emmys, exciting new performers, season premieres, new seasons of reality shows with lots of young talent making their debut on our radars, special holiday episodes, pilot season, etc, etc, etc. It's fun; sometimes it will be informative; sometimes it will even be snarky. Please stay around!

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