Tuesday, August 30, 2011

'Dexter' Ice Cream-- Now With More Body Part Chunks?...

I can more than get on board with Ron Swanson-inspired ice cream because even if it tastes partially like eggs, the bacon flavor would make it all worthwhile. And delicious. But now Jon Defreest wants us to consider Dexter inspired ice cream, and as much as I love the man behind the murders, I'm just going to have to say it: he deserves better here!

blood-red strawberry swirl is a bit obvious but should provide just the right amount of syrupy sweet, and chunks of chocolate shaped like body parts (even if some of those have to be white chocolate because, you know, he's an equal opportunity killer) are always welcome. But the base of the flavor is still key lime-- significant to the story because of that "perfect" slice of pie he was sent to get for his dying friend, but just plain not a flavor I enjoy. I think Ben & Jerrys needs to retool a bit before seriously considering this pitch!

(disclaimer: this is not real. ben & jerrys is not actually entertaining the flavor as an option. an artist whipped it up for fun and shits and giggles. please do not send me anti-cannibalism emails.)

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