Thursday, August 25, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Breaking In' & 'White Collar' Renewed; Chandler Massey & Christie Clark 'DOOL' Interviews; 'Castle' & 'Happy Endings' Cast Shots...

"It's official: Breaking In secures a second season on FOX"

Well, alrighty then. Yesterday there was still a question about Breaking In's fate for FOX, but less than twenty-four hours later, there is a decision. That's how fast things can change during development season, folks! ... [MORE]

"Chandler Massey dishes on the Will/Sonny "bromance" on Days of our Lives"

Remember when Freddie Smith told us he would have ample opportunities for his clothes to come off in Salem? We're starting to wonder if he was just being a tease. His Days of our Lives character, Sonny Kiriakis, is the first out gay character the show has seen, and the internet has been all abuzz with excitement and rumors about Sonny's love interest every since co-star Camila Banus "outed" the character of Will Roberts to journalist Jim Halterman during the Daytime Emmy Awards a few months ago. But so far? Will (Chandler Massey) is still sleeping with Gaby (Banus) herself. So what gives? ... [MORE]

"Christie Clark wants BOTH Austins back on Days of our Lives"

Christie Clark may owe her return to Days of our Lives to Twitter. Well, to co-star Alison Sweeney, too, but mostly to Twitter. When she was visiting her Salem family last year to pay respects to Frances Reid and Alice Horton, who had passed away, she, Sweeney, and Patrick Muldoon ended up having lunch together on the lot. Sweeney Tweeted about it, and it set long-time fans into a frenzy. Could it be a spoiler that Austin Reed would soon be returning to Salem? Well, low and behold, that's inevitably, unexpectedly, what happened... [MORE]

"Matt Bomer shaped hole in TV schedules soon to be filled; White Collar renewed"

White Collar has been off-USA for a few weeks now, and the Matt Bomer shaped hole in our television schedules has not gone unnoticed. But today we can breathe a little easier because at least we know that void will soon be filled. USA has announced today that they have renewed White Collar for a fourth season! ... [MORE]

"Photo Gallery: The Castle cast cleans up nicely!"

The third season of Castle left quite a few characters in some less-than-stellar shape, but judging from the promotional photos ABC released of the cast, season four may see them sitting pretty. At least physically. We don't doubt that the new Captain (Penny Johnson Jerald) will stir up trouble in a lot of other ways... [MORE]

"Photo Gallery: Happy Endings season two cast shots"

ABC certainly knows how to tease us! First they aired a never-before-seen "lost" episode of Happy Endings last night, and now they have released some brand new images of the stunning cast to help promote season two. There are very few "friends as the new family," shots, and no "couple" portraits or even a sneak peek at special guest star Megan Mullally, who is on the Los Angeles set filming her stint as Penny (Casey Wilson)'s mom this week. Still, what they have shared should be enough to keep fans "happy" for a little while. And if they don't tide you over until the second season premiere, they should be good at least until the first season is released on DVD in two weeks... [MORE]

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