Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Happy Endings' Season Two Spoilers; Austin Basis Guests on 'Necessary Roughness'; 'Parks and Rec' Ron Swanson Preview...

"Happy Endings' Casey Wilson talks Megan Mullally, choreography & Penny's dad"

In the first season of Happy Endings, Penny (Casey Wilson) takes a "jazz kwon-do" class after her self-defense workout gets too intense. By the end of the episode she has all of her friends in leotards and leg-warmers trying out a brand new routine. Fans of the ABC comedy series who were in attendance at the screening and panel at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles last night were treated to the little trivia nugget that esteemed feature film director Ann Fletcher actually came in to choreograph the number. It seemed she had a few days in between projects and wanted to work. But in season two when Wilson slips on her dance pants once again, this time the choreographer was just as esteemed...just in a different area... [MORE]

"The Happy Endings cast spills season two spoilers"

What do you get when you bring the candid cast of Happy Endings, along with the show's writers and executive producers, out to a panel in front of almost two hundred fans in Los Angeles? One hell of a good time, that's what! ... [MORE]

"Austin Basis flies into Necessary Roughness"

Sometimes being “just” a guest star on a network drama has its perks, especially when said drama is Necessary Roughness for USA, a show that shines a weekly spotlight on a revolving door of patients of sports therapist Dr. Dani Santino (Callie Thorne). Her patient of the week is given a full, and often times deeply emotional, arc in the mere forty-five minutes of screen time the episode runs, and that is prime real estate for any actor, let alone one like Austin Basis who has spent the last few months rotating from character to character on auditions for his next big project... [MORE]

"Nick Offerman and Mike Schur preview Parks and Recreation's Tammy I"

Ron Swanson is an incredibly unique character. We have come to know and love (and want more of him!) on Parks and Recreation over the past three seasons, and in many ways he has been a breakout character, even inspiring a fictious flavor of ice cream. Series creator Mike Schur isn't surprised by this embrace by the public because "he is played by Nick Offerman and has a big bushy mustache." In other words, if Schur was a betting man, he would have bet that the old-fashioned, oddball (well, at least for TV characters) would have been the one most gravitated towards... [MORE]

"Rules of Engagement commits to Wendi McLendon-Covey in season six"

What happens when a crazy cat lady gets married? Well, most of her friends probably pinch themselves to make sure they’re not still asleep, right? We guess we shall see. Because in the season premiere of Rules of Engagement, that is exactly what happens for Liz (Wendi McLendon-Covey) and Russell (David Spade). Record scratch; wait, what? The man-child took some baby-steps toward adulthood last season, mostly because he had to when he was cut off from mommy, but this is a big leap! ... [MORE]

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