Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From LA Examiner: Photo Previews of All 3 New CW Series...

"Sarah Michelle Gellar's many men of Ringer"

There are still two weeks before The CW debuts Ringer, the new thriller about a woman (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who assumes the identity of her twin only to learn that life may be even harder dealing with the secrets and skeletons in hers sister's closet. But today the network released a few additional photos from the pilot episode, as well as promotional stills of the cast. And the one thing that has to be mentioned? Surrounded by such good-looking gentleman, Gellar must have the best job in the business! ... [MORE]

"The magic of The Secret Circle comes to life on The CW"

The magic that the characters of The Secret Circle possess simply because of their lineage is really only scratching the surface in the pilot episode of the brand new CW supernatural genre. But it's still pretty amazing to watch the abilities take shape as Cassie (Britt Robertson) lifts a forest full of dewdrops, holds them hovering in the air, and commands a rainstorm to stop. What else is to come? With Kevin Williamson at the helm, we can only imagine greatness... [MORE]

"Take a trip down south with Hart of Dixie"

Hart of Dixie makes us want to move to the south as much as Friday Night Lights did. There. We said it. And we don't have any shame about it. Sure, the pilot was the only episode that actually shot in the south (the production is currently housed on the Warner Brothers lot right here in Los Angeles), but it is so much more than just the setting that shines through with southern hospitality. It is ingrained in the characters-- people who are sweet and down-to-Earth and simple-- not in the "slow" sense but in the anti-materialistic sense. It's a fresh breath of air compared to the smoggy superfluousness of Hollywood! ... [MORE]

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