Monday, August 15, 2011

From LA Examiner: Preview 'Rocco's Dinner Party' Finale; 'Brothers & Sisters' and "Off The Map' On DVD; Win To Meet Oprah; Freddie Smith Chat...

"Who’s the harsher food critic: Rocco DiSpirito or Liza Minnelli?"

Happy Birthday, Liza Minnelli! Here’s some lackluster food? Well, let’s hope not. After all, this is Rocco’s Dinner Party, and we all know Chef Rocco DiSpirito can get really angry when he’s not pleased. So for Minnelli’s sake, but also for the sake of the three contestants in this special super-sized season finale episode, we hope the food is not only on par but worthy of a super star! ... [MORE]

"Brothers & Sisters: The Complete Fifth and Final Season coming to DVD"

The Walker family has had quite a run. Extramarital affairs, deployment, separations, illegitimate children (or is she?) coming out of the woodwork, disease, and death has wreaked their havoc during five years on ABC, but at the end of the day, even if the family looked a little different, they came through it all a little bit stronger. And isn’t that inspirational for us all? ... [MORE]

"Off The Map: The Complete Series coming to DVD"

It feels like just yesterday we were interviewing Zach Gilford about his new ABC medical drama, Off The Map. But in truth it was more than six months ago, just prior to the show’s premiere on the alphabet network. Time flew by for the thirteen episodes, and today we bring you the news that the series—which completed its first and only season earlier this year-- is available on DVD as of August 23rd 2011... [MORE]

It may not be a brand new car, but hey, you end up having to pay the taxes on those anyway, so this contest that OWN is running to meet the woman herself, Oprah Winfrey, may just be better than any giveaway she ever handed out on her talk show... [MORE]

"Freddie Smith promises “opportunities for clothes to come off” on DOOL"

There have been lots of buzz swirling around the addition of Freddie Smith to the cast of Days of our Lives. After all, his is the first out gay character on the network soap opera, and with that development, which cast members and fans alike have kind of said “about time!” to, comes lots of speculation on just who his love interest will be. Though thus far it appears that Will (Chandler Massey) will be the one exploring a new side to his sexuality, Smith wouldn’t spill all the juicy details just yet... [MORE]

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