Friday, August 26, 2011

From LA Examiner: Two Of My Fave TV Writers Developing New Shows; More 'American Horror Story' Casting News; Ryan Reynolds Returning To TV?...

"Eric Kripke keeps it in the WB/The CW family with new project, Deadman"

For all you Supernatural fans who feel like Eric Kripke can't be felt as heavily in recent episodes of Supernatural as he could when he was the showrunner...would you settle for having his voice strongly on The CW on another show? ... [MORE]

"Caprice Crane should be feeling "lucky" today; NBC adapts her novel"

Caprice Crane may have just released a brand new novel ("With A Little Luck," a big-hearted exploration into one woman's romantic life when she is trapped by an almost obsessive-compulsive belief in rituals, superstitions, and lucky pennies), but today she has even bigger things coming her way as Deadline has learned NBC is adapting a previous novel of hers into a brand new television show... [MORE]

"American Horror Story scares up a part for Zachary Quinto"

It's official: we're worried about American Horror Story. The brand new thriller from Ryan Murphy and FX has yet to even air, and already casting announcements are taking over the media. Though many of the big television names this series is snagging are only signing on for short arcs, we can't help but look at shows that came before it-- and with already well-established fan bases-- that have suffered because of the addition of too many new people and mini (even if just weekly) plots... [MORE]

"Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock get animated for FOX"

Question: if you had Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock and once-TV-star-turned-blockbuster-action-hero Ryan Reynolds willing to come to the small screen, wouldn't you want it to be in a live-action series? It may be shallow, but we would imagine you could capitalize even more on their faces than "just" their names (and voices). But then again, perhaps their busy movie star schedules wouldn't allow for them to head to the time-consuming medium of television if it was live-action. So we should probably just be thankful for what we can get. And today what that is is And Then There Was Gordon, an animated comedy that Reynolds also co-created with his new company DarkFire... [MORE]

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