Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'The Voice' Returns to LA; 'Community' Cross Over With 'Chuck'; Rob Huebel Reminisces Over 'Childrens Hospital'; 'Castle' Photos...

"The Voice kicks off season two with auditions in Los Angeles"

The Voice has been traveling all around the country this summer, first with the semi-finalists from the first season hitting select cities on their first ever musical concert tour, and then with season two audition stops from coast to coast. But let's face it: season two really didn't feel like it was officially beginning until they touched back down on southland soil, hitting Los Angeles' own The Forum for two days of non-stop crooning... [MORE]

"Nerds rejoice! A Community and Chuck cross-over coming to NBC!"

Last season on Community Abed (Danny Pudi) took his love of all things pop culture a step farther than most. In "Critical Film Studies," an episode that was kind of one big misdirect as NBC kept hyping a Pulp Fiction birthday extravaganza when the "real" party was a much more low-key dinner for two ala Dinner for Andre, we learned that Abed had yet another side adventure-- this time one we didn't get to see-- and this time one that took him right out here to Los Angeles, to the set of the ABC comedy Cougar Town. It was a hit with fans, especially when we learned later in the television season that it wasn't just a glib remark. Abed-- and Pudi-- did pop up in the first half of the two-part Cougar Town season finale, and two actors from that series (Dan Byrd and Busy Philipps) reciprocated, popping up at the paintball-drenched Greendale in "For A Few Paintballs More." It was such a hit that now it appears they are doing it again... [MORE]

"Rob Huebel reminisces over Childrens Hospital season three + plans for more"

Can you believe we're coming up on the season finale of Childrens Hospital already!? Perhaps it is because the episodes are only fifteen minutes long, still timed for the web it seems but airing now on Adult Swim, but they go by far too quickly. We didn't want to let the finale pass without acknowledging the brilliance that came out in this season's episodes-- from the old-timey play the gang put on to the undercover work in a children's psych ward, to the adult bar mitzvah and the fact that Valerie revealed herself to really be a man last season but still carried on this year as herself, as if nothing had happened. So we caught up with Rob Huebel to reminisce a bit, but also to look ahead to what's to come next year... [MORE]

"Castle's season four premiere sees Beckett back on her feet + return of Josh!"

Sometimes a show you love and are eagerly anticipating returning with brand new episodes remains a mystery almost up until its return date. Thankfully, though, Castle is not one of those shows! ... [MORE]

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