Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Megyn Price & Bianca Kajlich Offer Philanthropy Updates...

During the promotion for the fifth season of Rules of Engagement, I visited the set to interview the stars for my LA Examiner page, but while I was there I was thrilled to get the two fabulous women of the show-- Megyn Price and Biana Kajlich-- onto the topic of charity work. Both are extremely involved in a number of causes, and I was eager to profile their philanthropy perhaps even more so than their acting work. There are just so many causes that deserve to have a spotlight shone on them!

You can read that initial interview here

Earlier this week I went back to the Rules set to do some interviews for the sixth season and I just had to check in with Price and Kajlich to see where their charitable adventures have taken them over the past three hundred and some odd days.

"I actually just got back a couple of years ago from camp, which was a blast. It was basically the product of the Twitter campaign that I did, and we raised about thirty-six thousand dollars, which was incredible," Kajlich shared, speaking of the Amputee Coalition of America's project in Ojai that brings together kids who need a break-- or just a boost-- from their daily lives and a chance to be around others going through similar issues and experiences that they are.

"This year I think just more fundraising," Kajlich continued, noting that the camp is run solely on donations so every little bit helps and anything she can do, she will. "We're really trying to gear to open a second camp here on the west coast."

And Price is also once again hard at work with a cause she has supported in the past, collecting handbags signed by celebrities for an auction to benefit a care facility for adults with down syndrome. Price has a personal connection to this cause; the facility is actually one that helps her uncle, and she is happy to use her Hollywood connections to help them any way she can.

"I just got Betty White to commit," Price said excitedly.

And of course she's tapping her Rules co-stars on the shoulders for their help, as well. Her on-screen hubby Patrick Warburton signed a wallet but may just have to go the extra mile this time because last year he threw a bonus item into the auction lot that made the price shoot up.

"He did an amazing thing last year. Not only did he sign a wallet but he also did an outgoing voicemail message for the lady that won the auction," Price shared. "And I met that woman and she was so in love with him. It was great!"

The daily life and schedule of a working television actor is not one that breeds a lot of spare time, so it is always refreshing to see such selfless devotion to something they don't do for fame, riches, or rewards of any kind.

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Alex said...

It's nice to see TV stars give back, especially when they're on a tight schedule.