Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tales From TCA: 'Desperate Housewives' Moving Off ABC; Preview 'Pan Am', 'Charlie's Angels', 'The Lying Game', 'Once Upon A Time'...

"It's official: Desperate Housewives is moving off of Wisteria Lane"

Now it's official. ABC announced this morning during their TCA day in Los Angeles that the upcoming eighth season of Desperate Housewives will be its last. The stakes on Wisteria Lane, therefore, will be higher than ever, with juicy storylines aimed at both long time fans and newer ones... [MORE]

"Christina Ricci, Mike Vogel, Nancy Hult Ganis preview Pan Am"

The executive producer of ABC's new period drama Pan Am, Nancy Hult Ganis, used to work for the airline in the late seventies, and she admitted during the TCA session to present the show that the idea to turn some of her experiences into a television show was "percolating" for awhile... [MORE]

"Minka Kelly, Ramon Rodriguez, Al Gough preview Charlie's Angels"

Along with the eye candy and all of the beauty of Charlie's Angels, series star Minka Kelly promises that there will also be a lot of depth and emotion as well. Just like her character of Eve, she moved around a lot as a young child, and she feels that helped her be able to develop confidence within herself to walk into any room and "be okay." It's what she relates to with her character, and she thinks viewers will, as well... [MORE]

"ABC Family’s The Lying Game is the 'Ringer The CW was expected to make"

What do you get when you take twins who were separated at birth but reconnected online and decide through a twist of fate to change places for a few days? No, not an updated version of The Parent Trap-- at least not completely. ABC Family’s The Lying Game combines elements of that classic, sure, but with a modern twist worthy of a major broadcast network-- oh wait, we think we’re going to see that in Ringer on The CW in just about a month…In fact, with its teenage melodrama and backdrop of deceit, this show feels perfectly suited for The CW, but it has found a home on ABC Family nonetheless. Let’s just hope the network doesn’t dictate they dive into multiple pregnancies or blackmail from the beyond.... [MORE]

"Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, EPs preview Once Upon A Time"

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have certainly learned from their time on LOST in that they know the audience wants answers, and they want them fast. Within the pilot of their new ABC fairytale drama Once Upon A Time, there are a lot of questions that immediately pop up, and both creators assure they are all things that will come to light very early on, even while focusing energy much more intently on the characters along the way... [MORE]

"Mike Kelley, Emily Van Camp, Madeleine Stowe preview Revenge"

Revenge executive producer Mike Kelley addressed television critics this afternoon at ABC's TCA presentation in Los Angeles and promised everyone that although Emily Van Camp's character will do a whole lot of "diabolical" things, viewers will end up rooting for her anyway. Through "origin flashbacks" we will get a more sympathetic look at the character of Emily Thorne, who goes by the moniker Amanda upon moving back to the Hamptons... [MORE]

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