Monday, August 8, 2011

Tales From TCA: Jane Levy Recast on 'Shameless'; Loretta Devine Returning To 'Supernatural'?; RCG Prods Taking Your Pitches; Preview 'Suburgatory'...

"Jane Levy to be recast on Shameless, looks forward to life in Suburgatory"

Shameless casting shocker! Jane Levy, aka Mandy Milkovich, aka Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan)'s "beard," is out at the Showtime drama, currently shooting its second season in Los Angeles... [MORE]

"Loretta Devine weighs in on a possible return to Supernatural"

We know Loretta Devine is making waves opposite Raven Symone on State of Georgia these days. The kid-friendly sitcom is something that audiences, and Devine herself, have embraced for just being a fun throwback to light-heartedly comedic television. But we’re not going to lie, a little part of Devine will always be Missouri from Supernatural to us. So when we ran into her at the ABC TCA party in Los Angeles last night, we had to ask her if wanted to resume the role that became such a fan favorite... [MORE]

"Enter Colin Egglesfield: The prodigal son returns tonight on Rizzoli and Isles"

“Tommy Rizzoli is the youngest child who got a little bit too coddled; he got a little bit too much mommy time,” Rizzoli & Isles scribe Janet Tamaro told LA TV Insider Examiner during a visit to the Los Angeles set two weeks ago... [MORE]

"Emily Kapnek, Jane Levy, Cheryl Hines preview Suburgatory"

Emily Kapnek, who you might know from Aliens in America, Emily's Reasons Why Not, or even Parks and Recreation, has a new subversive ABC comedy coming to fall television. Suburgatory stars Jane Levy and Jeremy Sisto as a Gilmore Girls style father-daughter duo who move to the 'burbs from New York City after he finds condoms among her possessions and freaks out that his little girl is growing up too fast in the big city. The story is plucked, in part, from Kapnek's own life, having moved from New York to suburbia with her own single parent (though in her case, her mother), experiencing a mega culture shock upon doing so... [MORE]

"The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia guys want YOUR pitches"

Earlier this weekend we told you that FX had entered into a three-year option with RCG Productions, the company that writer/producer/actor wunderkinds Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton created and under which they co-produce their cult comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They have been so successful for FX with that one, FX Productions is now turning around and giving them an even longer leash... [MORE]

"Amanda Detmer trades sports therapy of Necessary Roughness for family on Man Up!"

Amanda Detmer has made the rounds on television, for sure, but this summer she has been stirring the pot on Necessary Roughness as best friend, confidante, and sometimes troublemaker to Callie Thorne’s Dr. Dani Santino. Billed as a special guest star, Detmer hasn’t been on every episode, and she admits to not knowing if she’ll be back in a second season (assuming USA grants the quirky character drama a second season) due to her commitment in the ABC half-hour comedy Man Up! ... [MORE]

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