Monday, August 1, 2011

Tales From TCA: MTV Picks Up 'Dumb Girls'; Premiere Dates for 'The Voice' and 'Smash'; Preview NBC New Fall Series...

"MTV orders Dumb Girls, a second pilot from Lauren Iungerich"

July 29th was surely a memorable day for Lauren Iungerich. The young screenwriter who was previously known for Ten Things I Hate About You, addressed critics on stage with a panel for her brand new MTV series, Awkward. but while she was up there, she got a pleasant, though public, surprise. MTV announced they were picking up her other pilot, Dumb Girls. Though everyone in the room cheered (because even critics aren't that heartless), no one really knew anything about the project. Other than its creator, of course. Until now... [MORE]

"NBC announces premiere dates for midseason darlings The Voice and Smash"

While you have been hearing that The Voice will return to NBC with a sure-to-be stellar season two right after the Super Bowl on February 5th 2011, Chairman of NBC Entertainment Bob Greenblatt announced this morning that that special airing would be the season premiere of the reality show. Furthermore, the next night, February 6th, would see The Voice's time period premiere at 8pm with a special two-hour episode to be followed by the series premiere of Smash... [MORE]

"Amber Heard and producers preview The Playboy Club"

According to Bob Greenblatt, NBC Entertainment's Chairman, The Playboy Club is "a really fun soap." Though it takes place during the swinging, sexy sixties just like another network's new drama, it is designed to be melodramatic and charismatic, despite dealing with some dark plot points, like the mob, murder, and extramarital affair mischief. Though the series is based in part on real life bunnies' experiences, the drama will be heightened for air, and as the season unfolds, a secret about each fictional lady will be revealed. Some even start in the pilot episode! ... [MORE]

"Christina Applegate and Emily Spivey preview Up All Night"

NBC's new fall comedy Up All Night centers on a married couple (Will Arnett and Christina Applegate) who have been living life in a carefree space, happy to conform to one tradition but not another: babies. Until a bit later in life. In a way, art is imitating life here for the stars, as well as executive producer Emily Spivey, who admits to drawing a bit from her own real life experience as a new mother working on Saturday Night Live... [MORE]

"Grimm producers preview their new Friday night drama"

There seems to be a slight disconnect with what exactly the new NBC drama Grimm is. Since the announcement of its pickup to series in May, the actors on the show have been describing it as a procedural with fantasy-like elements, while representatives from the network have tried to assure LA TV Insider Examiner that the week-to-week stories would be much more mythologically, and character, driven than that. Obviously shows are subject to change from pilot to series, as the Powers That Be tweak what works and what doesn't to fine tune the best product possible. What that will end up being still remains to be seen, though today the producers and stars of Grimm took a small stage in Los Angeles to present the show to critics and journalists and try to set the record straight on what to expect... [MORE]

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