Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tales From TCA: Q&A with Scott Porter; Lisa Kudrow Schedules More 'Web Therapy'; Preview 'Homeland', 'Ringer', 'Hart of Dixie', 'Secret Circle'...

"Q&A: Scott Porter talks about his path to Hart of Dixie"

Scott Porter has had quite an impressive career for a guy who claims to have gotten his first real job without taking a single acting lesson, let alone drama in high school. There must truly be something to be said for instincts, then, as that first project he booked was one that changed the course of dramatic storytelling on the small screen. Friday Night Lights was Porter’s acting class, then, and it has kept him in strong dramatic television ever since. Come fall audiences will fall in love with a different southern gentleman side to him than Jason Street when he co-stars in The CW’s Heart of Dixie. Here we discuss why he can't watch the final FNL episodes, what memorabilia he kept from the set, reuniting with Connie Britton and Cress Williams, a potential return to The Good Wife, and of course, why Hart of Dixie was the perfect next project for him... [MORE]

"Claire Danes, Damian Lewis & Alex Gansa preview Homeland"

We are coming up on the ten year anniversary of September 11th, and of course that means ample new documentaries, but for Showtime, it also includes a brand new drama series. Homeland comes from 24 producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, who say that the timing could not be more fortuitous or lucky. After all, it is ten years after the tragedy in our world and in the characters' as well, and in all of that time, there really hasn't been "a story told about the price of 9/11"... [MORE]

"Sarah Michelle Gellar previews Ringer"

After her (admittedly stellar) time on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar was a bit burnt out. By her own admission, she wanted to take some time to travel and start her family, and though she pointed out that she had an incomparable time on that show, she was still ready for a break. Coming back to television was always an option, though, because that's where she felt the strongest roles for women were written. And her new CW show Ringer certainly offers her that, having her play not one, not two, but really three separate characters... [MORE]

"Hart of Dixie EP Leila Gerstein previews her new "escapist drama"

Hart of Dixie is a fish out of water drama that prides itself on being light-hearted, but also escapist television. In a programming landscape that seems to get grittier each new season, much of Hart of Dixie feels like a throwback to old WB programming. It is not just for people who do live in a small town (though series co-star Jaime King believes that anyone who does will greatly relate to the material), but it may also make a few of you wish you did. That was certainly the experience executive producer Leila Gerstein had while writing the pilot... [MORE]

"Lisa Kudrow doles out more Web Therapy-- with or without Showtime"

Though there is no word yet on a second season renewal for Lisa Kudrow’s new comedy Web Therapy, a completely improved tale about an unconventional therapist, Dr. Fiona Wallice (Kudrow) and her equally unconventional patients, she is already shooting more footage. After all, the show was originally produced for the web through L Studio, and when Showtime said they wanted the project, the episodes were just combined to create fewer, longer pieces... [MORE]

"Kevin Williamson, Thomas Dekker, Gale Harold preview The Secret Circle"

If you've read LJ Smith's The Secret Circle books, you might not have as many questions as the average early adopter of Kevin Williamson's new CW series. But even after seeing the pilot, there are bound to be things you want to know. Especially when it comes to the relationships. Unlike The Vampire Diaries, which kills off all of the "grown ups," The Secret Circle promises to keep it multi-generational. In fact, that's one aspect that Williamson enjoys the most... [MORE]

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