Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DanielleTBD and the Impossible Fall 2011 TV Schedule...

Sometimes I get lazy. But I still have things to say about TV. And on those occasions, I vodcast by myself.

This particular vodcast came about because I put together my fall 2011 television schedule (five major broadcast networks only) and came up short, in my opinion, with "only" 35 shows to watch and write about. I took to Twitter to announce this fact and immediately got inundated with people asking me how that was possible-- but from both ends of the spectrum. Some were shocked my number was so high (especially when I watch without DVR aids), while others couldn't imagine why there were so many shows making the list at all. So I took to the screen to talk about it. And then when I was done I sat down and added in all of the cable shows I also plan to watch and cover and got the number up just a bit higher. But not by much. And not by nearly as much as I was expecting. What does this mean for the state of television!?

And now, for my organized (but still not quite "pretty") fall 2011 television schedule as will exist in the Made Possible by Pop Culture household:


*Denotes new show
** Denotes old show I'm giving a new chance
*** Denotes show I'll probably stop watching after two or three episodes


8pm - Once Upon A Time (ABC)*
9pm - The Good Wife (CBS), Dexter (SHO), Desperate Housewives (ABC)**
10pm - Pan Am (ABC)*, Homeland (SHO)*


8pm - How I Met Your Mother (CBS)**
8:30pm - 2 Broke Girls (CBS)*
9pm - Hart of Dixie (The CW)*
10pm - Castle (ABC), Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)


8pm - The Biggest Loser (NBC)*** (new trainers)
9pm - New Girl (FOX)*, Ringer (The CW)*
9:30pm - Raising Hope (FOX)
10pm - Unforgettable (CBS)*, Parenthood (NBC)


8pm - Up All Night (NBC)*, The Middle (ABC)**
8:30pm - Suburgatory (ABC)*,
Free Agents (NBC)***
9pm - Modern Family (ABC)
9:30pm - Happy Endings (ABC)
10pm - Revenge (ABC)*, American Horror Story (FX)*/***


8pm - The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Community (NBC), The Vampire Diaries (The CW)
8:30pm - Parks and Recreation (NBC)
9pm - The Secret Circle (The CW)*, Person of Interest (CBS)*/***, The Office (NBC)**
10pm - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)


8pm - Chuck (NBC), Nikita (The CW)
9pm - Supernatural (The CW), Fringe (FOX), Grimm (NBC)*/***

Not Yet Scheduled:

Cougar Town
(ABC) (returning in November)
Hell on Wheels

Wondering why these made the cut while so many others didn't? Well, I guess I'll just have to do a follow-up, won't I??

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