Thursday, September 22, 2011

Emmy Talk...

There is no bigger time of year for a true television lover than the Emmys, right? Officially kicking off the fall season, each ceremony pays honor and respect to the shows that came before-- the year before, in fact-- by giving out statues to the most "Outstanding" across comedy, drama, reality, variety, and mini-series. Or so they say. But sometimes the Academy just doesn't get it completely right. Not in my book. And not in my fellow bloggers' books either. Here my friend Marisa Roffman from Give Me My Remote and I rant about this year's Emmy winners-- and losers.

First up? Comedy!

Okay, as you can see, we didn't have much to gripe about there. Though I would have loved my own personal sentimental favorite Parks and Recreation to win, I knew it was truly a long shot. But hey, maybe next year! If someone from Mike & Molly can take a top prize, anything can happen...

But when it came to drama, things were not nearly so neat and tidy. I always feel like I have more at stake with comedies, but I couldn't help but feel like the Academy did a huge disservice to Friday Night Lights by only honoring one of the acting nominees. The show was always about the Taylors together! Singling one out over the other is as bad as Joe McCoy! So if you like rants, you're going to love this next vodcast!

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