Thursday, September 15, 2011

From LA Examiner: Advance Reviews of 'Parks & Rec', 'Charlie's Angels', 'Person of Interest', 'Whitney', 'Prime Suspect'; Javier Colon Returns To NBC

"Parks and Recreation cleans up a few last season loose ends in "I'm Leslie Knope"

Let’s pick up where we left off with Parks and Recreation, shall we? If you recall back in May, during the wake for Li’l Sebastian, Leslie (Amy Poehler) was approached and asked to run for office, while Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) was about to be approached by his ex-wife. We didn’t see what came next then, but we will now. And what does is two overgrown children running away from their problems. With one of them doing so quite literally. And quite hilariously. Seriously, we expect a GIF coming soon... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: ABC's Charlie's Angels"

ABC President of Entertainment Paul Lee promised that his network’s reboot of Charlie’s Angels would be “pure candy” and after reviewing the pilot, we can attest that he is a man of his word. If you’re looking for hard-hitting drama and thought-provoking cases, you’re not going to be satisfied here. But if you’re looking for a slightly fantastical, high-octane escape, this is certainly the series for you. True to the original, this Charlie’s Angels is all about kicking ass and really only taking one name: that of the titular Charlie who is often heard but still never seen. But is that enough in today's rich character television landscape? Can Charlie's Angels invoke enough nostalgia and blind its audience enough with the larger than life scenarios and skills to cover the fact that its plot dissolves as fast as a strip of cotton candy? ... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: CBS' Person of Interest"

Person of Interest is a bit like Early Edition but with the typical J.J. Abrams twist. Somehow a man known only as Finch (Michael Emerson, holding on as tightly as he can to Ben Linus) holds a list-- a list of people who are about to be involved in some shady and perhaps dastardly events. On the list are not names, not even any context, but his system has been foolproof thus far. Or so he tells a grieving, in a constant downward spiral Reese (a rough around the edges Jim Caviezel) anyway when he wants to retain his services to trail one woman on the list in particular. But as he himself admit, he like to remain a man of mystery, so who knows how much of what he is saying is true versus just what he wants you to think. Can he see the future or is he running some kind of eccentric experiment? Either way, is that ominous enough for you? CBS may be an unlikely place for it, but Person of Interest could be the perfect conspiracy theorist drama. Too bad it will soon have Showtime's Homeland to compete with for that title... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: NBC's Whitney"

It’s been a long time since we have been seriously offended by a new fall pilot-- especially one that seems to be so simple at its core. A comic look at a modern relationship-- that can be used to describe half a dozen new shows, can’t it? Perhaps it is because it seems so simple that we were taken so off-guard by its abrasiveness; perhaps it was because recent romantic comedies before it have been so fresh and inspired. Whatever the reason, we were in no way prepared for the assault on your eyes and eardrums that is Whitney, the new vehicle comedy pilot from Whitney Cummings and NBC. So now at least you will be warned... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: NBC's Prime Suspect"

Here’s a television riddle for you: if a show itself doesn’t respect its main character, can the audience be expected to respect her, let alone like her or want to keep watching her? Our vote is no. And for that reason, we feel Prime Suspect, NBC’s newest cop drama about misogyny in a New York police precinct, sorely misses the mark... [MORE]

"Javier Colon extends his relationship with NBC, set to guest on new fall drama"

Oh Javier Colon, you can do so much better. NBC really likes taking care of their own, though. TV Line broke the news earlier this afternoon that The Playboy Club has tapped The Voice first season winner Colon for a guest spot as none-other than the legendary Ray Charles... [MORE]

"USA renews Necessary Roughness, more"

Way to make fans wait for it, USA! Last night's finale of Necessary Roughness aired with the fate of the show still up in the air-- at least as far as the fans were concerned. Though the network had already made its decision on whether or not they would renew the rookie drama, the announcement had yet to be made. So in the final moments when T.K. (Mehcad Brooks) was at a club and a disgruntled fan pulled a gun on him, well, it could have gone either way... [MORE]

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