Monday, September 19, 2011

From LA Examiner: Advance Reviews of 'Terra Nova' & 'Hart of Dixie'; Q&As with Kris Polaha, Jillian Rose Reed & Ali Vincent...

"Fall 2011 preview: FOX' Terra Nova"

From Falling Skies to the Holocaust, Terra Nova feels eerily familiar...A show like Terra Nova, coming from a producer as prolific as Steven Spielberg, is expected to debut in a bold way, so we would be remiss if our review didn’t do the same. They say go big or go home, right? So though we fully acknowledge what we are about to say is most likely not going to be popular opinion-- and may even be accused of reading a bit too much between the lines-- we stand behind it. After all, a show that deals with such complex subjects as time travel and the human condition is bound to be rich with subtext. We’re just focusing on one particularly disconcerting part... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: The CW's Hart of Dixie"

Hart of Dixie makes us want to move to the south as much as Friday Night Lights did... A young, slightly jaded, fast-talking New York doctor’s life is turned upside down when the plan she had written for herself can’t come true, so she packs it in and moves to a small town in the south to take over the practice she just learned she inherited. Sounds a bit too convenient, right? Admittedly it did to us at first, but we implore you to get over the initial, simple fish out-out-of-water concept of Hart of Dixie and dive right into its charming characters. Because Hart of Dixie’s greatest strength really is in its charm. A mix of Southern hospitality, gentlemanly ways, and an old-fashioned storytelling rarely seen on this network gives the show, even in just the pilot stage, a more methodical feel to its unlikely coming-of-age story... [MORE]

"Kristoffer Polaha on leaving Baze behind, embracing Ringer"

Kristoffer Polaha’s career may be coming full circle with his new role on Ringer—one that he was sold on, in great part, because of the comparison his executive producers drew to John F. Kennedy Jr. (more on that in a minute). Polaha played that guy before-- literally, in a made for TV movie called America’s Prince-- but it has been awhile since he has tapped into such decadence. Most recently Polaha starred as Baze on The CW’s Life Unexpected, a character who was one of the most beloved guys on television we came across in a long time. In large part that was due to Polaha himself, who just infused so much charm into the guy you couldn’t help but root for him. Henry, his role on Ringer, though, is a married struggling writer who is having an affair with his wife’s best friend. On paper he may not be quite so loveable. And yet you will find yourself drawn to him in many of the same ways as his previous parts. Here Polaha weighs in on what he loves so much about Henry and hopes you will, too... [MORE]

"MTV Awkward.’s Jillian Rose Reed on catchphrases, "Team Jatty" & Ricky Schwartz"

Jillian Rose Reed has some of the best lines on MTV’s Awkward., but she isn’t about to take credit for them. Her character of Tamara comes straight from the mind of series creator Lauren Iungerich, who leaves a little bit of herself in every character but mostly in Tamara. In fact, many of the terms and catch phrases are ones she uses daily herself. That very specific reality adds itself nicely to Reed’s particular brand of spunk within Tamara, making her a standout for the fans. But the tide turned recently, with her reveal that she actually wrote the infamous “care-frontation” letter to her supposed best friend. What gives, right? Well, we wanted to find out! ... [MORE]

"FOX preps two new Animation Domination holiday specials"

It may still be "just" fall here in Hollywood, but FOX is already hard at work planning for their fourth quarter of programming. Today the network has announced two brand new holiday specials airing on November 24th. Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas and Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown are scheduled to air back-to-back at 8pm and 8:30pm, respectively, putting brand new spins on old classics... [MORE]

"The Live Well Network & ABC-7 are helping Biggest Loser Ali Vincent Live Big"

Ali Vincent, the first female Biggest Loser (season five) and now an author, triathlete, and host of Live Big with Ali Vincent for the Live Well network, likes to point out she is not a trainer, nor a nutritionist, but “simply” someone who has figured out what works for her healthy lifestyle. But she is also quick to point out that what works for her might not work for someone else, so she will eagerly work with you to figure out what can work for you. After spending a long few years on a somewhat solitary journey of traveling the country, writing, and speaking to strangers about her own weight loss, she looks forward to working with others on their own. And her new series is the perfect way for her to live out that dream... [MORE]

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