Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Awkward.'s' Carefrontation Letter; Gordon Ramsay and FOX; Preview 'Supernatural', 'Happy Endings' 'Gossip Girl' & 'Suburgatory'

"So, wait, WHO wrote the letter on MTV’s Awkward.?"

First Awkward. on MTV drops the bomb that Jenna (Ashley Rickards)’s BFF Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) wrote her that terrible care-frontation letter, and now it takes it back and says she didn’t write it, but she knows who did? Should we trust Tamara, or is she just trying to get herself out of hot water now that they’re besties again? ... [MORE]

"Gordon Ramsay gets another show on FOX, this one fixing hotels?"

Gordon Ramsay is known for his tough-love style in the kitchen, whether it's readying young chefs to become executives at one of his glamorous restaurants on Hell's Kitchen, or inspiring home chefs to greatness on Masterchef, or gutting family restaurants to give them a new lease on life on Kitchen Nightmares. But now he is broadening his attention a bit and will be focusing his efforts on hotels. Not just restaurants within the hotels, which is something he has been doing already, but looking at the hotel as a whole and telling those who manage them how to make their business better. Hotel Hell indeed... [MORE]

"Supernatural's seventh season premiere introduces an extreme power shift"

Lucifer was so powerful his vessel could not hold him, so why would God be any different? If God truly is all-powerful, than he should tear his vessel apart at a much faster rate. And if you’ve seen the promotional photos for the seventh season premiere of Supernatural, you know Castiel (Misha Collins) is in bad shape. But things aren’t so simple as they may appear, and the reason for his situation will prove to be something of which we should all be afraid... [MORE]

"Sera Gamble & Bob Singer preview what's to come for Dean in Supernatural S7"

In season six of Supernatural, Sera Gamble took over as showrunner and kept the Impala under a tarp for a few key moments in the show's re-introduction. In season seven of The CW series, she starts with the Impala garaged in a similar manner. After being flipped over and half-crushed in the season six finale, Dean (Jensen Ackles) has a lot of work on his hands to get his baby back up and running again. He basically has to rebuild the car completely in order to make it "as good as mint." You might think this is an odd, nit-picky piece of minutia to focus on when such larger issues are at hand-- you know, like Castiel (Misha Collins) being God now and ultimately being on the opposite side of things from the boys. But in truth, the Impala's state can be seen as a metaphor once again. This time, though, for the way in which Dean will have to build himself back up after he unravels a bit this season... [MORE]

"We’re about to learn so much about the gang on Happy Endings!"

If you thought last season doled out quirky little details and odd-ball habits and eccentricities a few in an episode, then get ready for the storm because in the season premiere, “Blax, Snake, Home,” information comes like a flood, and you’re just going to want to try to keep up. If the rest of the season is anything like the premiere, prepare to choke on your own laughter... [MORE]

"Gossip Girl goes Hollywood for its fifth season premiere"

Gossip Girl has gone Hollywood! Okay, not exactly. But Serena (Blake Lively) has! Over the last few weeks in her world, she has come west, to right here in La-La Land, and gotten a job on a film set. But life in L.A. for Serena is not nearly as glamorous as life in New York was. Here she is fetching coffee, sorting mail, and running errands. Hardly a socialite's life, let alone one you might imagine for the starlets of Tinseltown. But the odd thing is that Serena doesn't mind the hard work. She is extremely willing to roll up her sleeves and do any seemingly ridiculous or impossible task to prove she can. She is eager, but more importantly, she is willing to work hard and make something of herself and not just rely on her name or background or "family money" to float through life. She is truly not your typical L.A. girl. And when she owns up to a mistake she makes in the season premiere of the series, you realize she is not your typical Serena, either. She is Serena 2.0... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: ABC's Suburgatory"

If you’re a single dad raising a teenage daughter in the heart of New York City and you find a box of condoms (unopened, but still) in her dresser drawer, what would you do? Freak out and uproot your entire life to ship her out to the suburbs where she will be so unlike the other kids that at least you’ve bought some time before she finds someone to have sex with? If you answered yes, then you and George (Jeremy Sisto) in ABC’s new half-hour comedy, Suburgatory, should start some kind of sad dad’s club. It's a nice sentiment but pretty misguided...But the good news for the rest of us is Suburgatory takes the best part of that insanity-- the real heart and depth that drives it-- and exploits that just as much as it does spray tans and Red Bull... [MORE]

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