Friday, September 16, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Castle', 'Modern Family', 'Happy Endings', 'Raising Hope' Coming To DVD! Plus Patrick Wilson's 'A Gifted Man' & Chord Overstreet...

"Catch up with Castle season three on DVD + win an ultimate fan prize pack"

Relive the season with the killer ending-- literally. Season three of Castle is coming to DVD, featuring complex cases, meta moments as the gang traveled west to be on the movie set of Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion)’s latest book adaptation, the deep, dark, and twisted truth about who was involved in Kate Beckett (Stana Katic)’s mother’s murder, and of course, the closeness of two characters who take a baby step forward in their personal relationship, only to have other people blow them yards backward... [MORE]

"Go home with the Pritchetts, Dunphys, and Tuckers: Modern Family S2 on DVD!"

We could watch the same few Modern Family episodes over and over and never get tired of them. In fact, we often do. “Unplugged,” in which the Dunphy clan competes to see who can stay off electronics longer; “Slow Down Your Neighbors,” where James Marsden moves into the Pritchett-Tuckers’ playhouse; “Princess Party,” which sees the return of Shelley Long; “Bixby’s Back,” which sees the return of Ty Burrell’s alter ego, Clive Bixby. And now we can watch these (and more) to our heart’s content with "Modern Family: The Complete Second Season" on DVD... [MORE]

"It's ahmahzing! Happy Endings hits DVD shelves"

Happy Endings is not the new Friends. It is better than Friends. There, we said it. And we’re sticking by it! It is a series that we can watch over and over and not only never get tired of the punchlines, even when we can quote the whole episode, but we find that each time there is some nuance we missed before that we can appreciate anew now. It’s not just about a group of friends; it’s about a modern-day family. There may be six of them on-screen, but the audience is certainly the seventh member, eagerly embraced in the sarcastic warmth of in-jokes aimed at each other... [MORE]

"Adopt Baby Hope into your family; Raising Hope hits DVD shelves"

Can’t get enough of little baby Hope Chance? Us either! And now that the first season of Raising Hope is out on DVD, it’s like we have the cutest babies around in our own family! ... [MORE]

"First look: Chord Overstreet goes from student to teacher on The Middle"

When the glee season premiere airs, you will learn where Sam (Chord Overstreet) disappeared to, now that the actor has opted not to reappear on FOX' musical comedy. But what about where the actor himself has been? Well, thanks to Warner Brothers, LA TV Insider Examiner has got the scoop for you! ... [MORE]

"ABC Family renews Make It Or Break It, picks up four new shows"

Twist! After fans thought it was dead in the water, ABC Family announced today that they will, in fact, be giving Make it or Break It an additional season. This announcement comes on the heels of giving a back-order pick-up to more episodes of The Lying Game, as well as developing four brand new pilots: two dramas, and two comedies. ABC Family is truly going for diversity within their programming slate now... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: CBS' A Gifted Man"

It’s extremely rare to find such a gifted (no pun intended) group of actors like Julie Benz, Pablo Schreiber, and Margo Martindale regulated to the sidelines, in network television dramatic roles that are supporting at best, but that is actually the case in CBS’ A Gifted Man. It should be expected, given the title, that Patrick Wilson is at the center of the show-- the titular man-- but when surrounded by such talents, it's a shame the series (at least thus far) is really just about him. LOST was always Jack's journey first and foremost, but the other characters around him all had their own arcs and mysteries and paths we relished following them down. Hopefully in time the same will be true of A Gifted Man, otherwise, the solitary nature of this man, and this show by extension, will prove to just be sad... [MORE]

"Gossip Girl unveils Romeo & Juliet Couture collection, just in time for season 5"

Chuck Bass is not your typical Romeo. And yet girls (and some guys) have fallen in love with his smirky charm and bad boy ways. But where audiences have really latched onto Gossip Girl has always been the fashion first and foremost. Whether you live in a cosmopolitan place like Los Angeles, or a small town in the south, you can't help but covet the clothes, shoes, and um, hello, the bags(!) of the glamorous young socialites on The CW. And maybe envy them just a little for getting to be so fabulous. But now you can steal their looks (and for less) with Romeo & Juliet Couture, a Gossip Girl inspired apparel collection from Warner Brothers Consumer Products and Warner Brothers Television Group... [MORE]

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