Wednesday, September 28, 2011

From LA Examiner: Devon Sawa Returns to 'Nikita'; 'Supernatural' Photos; Alan Tudyk Sounds Off On 'Suburgatory'; Preview 'American Horror Story'...

"Devon Sawa returns to Nikita but Owen is anything but a third wheel!"

Now that Michael (Shane West) and Nikita (Maggie Q) have traded one surrogate child for another on The CW’s Nikita, do they really have room to let yet another person into their team? When the person in question is Devon Sawa’s Owen, our vote is unequivocally yes! Owen will bump into “Mikita” on a mission in the upcoming “Falling Ash” episode of the series, and with all of them tracking the same guy-- a doctor who was the mastermind behind the drug that took control of Owen last we saw him-- so they decide to triple-team him for the best shot at taking him down. But Owen obviously has something very personal at stake-- he hopes the doctor can provide a cure since he is currently running out of last vial of the regimen-- and Sawa shared with us that it won’t be super smooth sailing, even if there may be strength in numbers... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Supernatural S7, Ep 3: "The Girl Next Door"

Call us a little bit masochistic but we kind of love it when Supernatural beats up the boys. Not when their faces are bloody or pummeled, mind you, but when they've been put through the ringer in other ways they just seem that much more rugged and handsome. Scars really are sexy, okay? ... [MORE]

In the fish-out-of-water tale Suburgatory for ABC, Jeremy Sisto is the proverbial fish. Well, and his on-screen daughter Jane Levy is, too, but we’ll get to her in a bit. Sisto is a big city architect who picks up his whole life and moves to the suburbs and once he gets there realizes he may be in a bit over his head. But thankfully he has a long-time friend (played by Alan Tudyk) to turn to for a little help and support. Tudyk is Noah, a buttoned-up, upper middle class husband, father, and country club member who relishes in the suburban life. He is the comic opposite of George, and funnily enough, quite the opposite to how fans of Tudyk’s might remember him best from TV... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: FX' American Horror Story"

Ryan Murphy is an idea man, and admittedly a great one at that. He has been given so many amazing opportunities to create original television, and he delivers every time with something new and fresh and unlike what the landscape of programming has to offer. But even the best ideas can quickly turn sour when Hollywood gets involved and the desire to “sell” a story greatly overpowers the desire to actually tell a story. Sometimes it is because there are too may cooks in the kitchen-- too many notes to see to-- while others it is because there are too many “yes men” just telling you your idea is so brilliant you don’t need to tone it down or simplify it or focus it. And in the case of Murphy’s newest endeavor, American Horror Story for FX, the latter appears to be true, and what we are left with is an ADHD-riddled shock fest that starts out with promise but quickly runs off in a million different directions with no indication of ever finishing a coherent thought, let alone character arc... [MORE]

"New Girl receives permanent full season residence on FOX"

After strong showings for its first two episode, New Girl has been given a full season order from FOX, with an additional eleven episodes announced today, bringing the series to a twenty-four episode first season... [MORE]

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