Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Hart of Dixie' Love Triangles; Cat & Mouse Games on 'Ringer'; Brett Davern on 'Awkward'; Behind-The-Scenes on 'The Middle'...

"Cress Williams weighs in on love triangles in Hart of Dixie"

The Hart of Dixie pilot very clearly set up a potential love triangle between Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson), Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel) and George Tucker (Scott Porter) right off the bat. We don't need to tell you; you all watched when it premiered last night. RIGHT!??? But the love triangle between George, Lemon Breeland (Jaime King) and Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams) was not one we saw so obviously. So now that it has been introduced, we needed to know just how much the show would explore it and the ultimate quint-angle (?)...uh five-some (?)...complicated relationship entanglements that comes from it! ... [MORE]

"Nestor Carbonell on why he enjoys playing the outsider in Ringer’s cat & mouse game"

Last we caught up with Nestor Carbonell, we had only seen the Ringer pilot episode so we assumed his character might be the biggest threat to Bridget-as-Siobhan aka “Siobette” (Sarah Michelle Gellar). After all, he spent months locked in pretty close quarters with Bridget while they awaited the trial in which she was testifying. Not only did he undoubtedly get to know her rhythms and mannerisms well enough to notice when the pop up in her supposed twin sister’s life, but surely their connection managed to run a little bit deeper after such heightened situations, right? After seeing the second episode, in which Bridget really only managed to stand up for herself around Machado (Carbonell) because she felt comfortable enough, knowing him well, too, we just had to get him to weigh in on what exactly is going on there... [MORE]

"Q&A: Awkward.’s Brett Davern wants YOU to be Team Jake"

Jake (Brett Davern) seems a little bit too good to be true on MTV’s Awkward., doesn’t he? Of course, we mean for Jenna (Ashley Rickards), not the girl he ultimately cheated on to be with Jenna instead. But he just seems so nice, so all-American, so vanilla that he dares you not to love him, too. We caught up with Davern to get the scoop on whether or not this is all just an act of Jake’s in order to get the girl and if we would be seeing a new side to him any time soon... [MORE]

"Atticus Shaffer schools Chord Overstreet on the set of The Middle"

We brought you a first look (through photos) at Chord Overstreet's guest appearance on ABC's The Middle, but now how about some video? ... [MORE]

"Jeremy Sisto:
Suburgatory’s misguided but well-intentioned straight man”

The last few television shows-- or entertainment projects in general-- you have seen Jeremy Sisto in have been much darker, more serious dramatic tales than his new ABC series Suburgatory. In part, Sisto claims that was due to the fact that people just didn’t find him very funny, but he also acknowledges that for a time he truly wanted to challenge himself with deep and intense roles. Nowadays, though, he is more open to material, and he points out that comedy is a challenge in its own way because it takes him out of the element he has grown accustomed to. LA TV Insider Examiner visited Sisto, who plays George, an architect and single dad who moves himself and his teenage daughter to the suburbs, on the Los Angeles set of Suburgatory to find out directly from him how he was finding stretching his comedy muscles and what we can expect from the series to come... [MORE]

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