Thursday, September 22, 2011

From LA Examiner: Joshua Jackson's 'Fringe'-Adjacent; Preview 'Community', 'Supernatural' & 'How To Be A Gentleman'; Nick Wechsler Dissects 'Revenge'

Okay, so Peter Bishop may be non-existent in the current Fringe universe, but LA TV Insider Examiner has found Joshua Jackson...and he has written a story in Fringe's new digital comic series! ... [MORE]

"Community turns over a new season but not a new leaf"

…And we have to be thankful for that! Though the third season premiere of Community, “Biology 101,” starts out promising changes unlike any other you have seen (including the Dean aka Jim Rash in a suit!) but very quickly reverts back to its old ways. As well-intentioned as the characters may be toward changing, that is not a process that can take place over night, and at their core they are the same quirky goofballs they have always been... [MORE]

"Sera Gamble previews what's to come for Sam in Supernatural S7"

Okay, Sam (Jared Padalecki) fans, you know we couldn't keep you waiting for Supernatural season seven news on your favorite Winchester brother for too long! With the wall breaking in his head, there is a lot to discuss, right? And earlier today, that is exactly what we did-- with the woman in charge, Sera Gamble, to get the scoop on what's about to go down as episodes unfold... [MORE]

"Revenge’s Nick Wechsler reconsiders young love"

For Jack and Amanda, Revenge’s Nick Wechsler and Emily Van Camp, life started out with such promise. Both were just kids spending their lazy, hazy days of summer running around docks and playing on the beach, maybe not quite falling in love, but certainly finding a connection that ran deeper than just vacation buddies. But everything changed when Amanda was ripped from the Hamptons lifestyle. Reinventing herself as Emily Thorne and stepping back into the life so many years later, she immediately bumps back into Jack and can’t shake the memories from her youth. But Jack isn’t so lucky to have closure of what happened to his dear old friend... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: CBS' How To Be A Gentleman"

Is Andrew Carlson real? Or is he just Barney Stinson in an alternate universe? When CBS’ newest comedy, How To Be A Gentleman, begins, Andrew Carlson (David Hornsby) is seen only in pieces. Very well dressed crisp suit pieces, but still. His voiceover explains how he may be the last of his kind, someone who holds doors without being a doorman, for example, but that he is out to ensure he is not fully extinct. The voiceover is a theme continued on, as Andrew offers his own tips and advice for how to conduct one’s self. But the problem is, other than being a snazzy dresser, Andrew is kind of a mess, so who would want to learn from him? ... [MORE]

"FOX re-teams with Kiefer Sutherland for mid-season 2012"

It's official. After speculation and rumors, FOX has announced today that they will be picking up Touch, a new drama from Kiefer Sutherland for mid-season. They are granting the series thirteen episodes to start and surely have high hopes from the former 24 star... [MORE]

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