Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Nikita's' Relationship(s) Troubles; What's to Come on 'Ringer'; Preview 'Raising Hope's' Return, 'Unforgettable', 'Chuck'...

"Relationship troubles ahead on Nikita? Shane West & Craig Silverstein weigh in"

The season premiere of Nikita explodes onto The CW in a way that we haven’t quite seen it do before. And while executive producer Craig Silverstein did tell a room full of reporters during a special screening and Q&A at the network that such visual enhancements would continue throughout the season when budget allowed for them, it appears the majority of the struggles for the characters this time around will be of the internal, emotional kind... [MORE]

"What's to come on The CW's Ringer"

Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder have big plans for their new CW series, Ringer. As you may have noticed from casting news in the press, they are already expanding the sexy and stylish cast. But you may have noticed that thus far most of the additions have been new men. After all, Sarah Michelle Gellar is playing twins, so that means double the love interests-- a few for each character, right? ... [MORE]

"Raising Hope matures nicely with musical second season premiere"

It starts off innocently enough…wanting to show your baby girl some old home movies of daddy at a younger time. But quickly it turns into realizing you once had a talent-- a God given gift-- that could have catapulted you to greatness but which you no longer have. And why? Well, let’s just say when you don’t get certain conditions checked out by a medical professional, things change. And sometimes that means talent gets lost... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: CBS' Unforgettable"

“You can’t stop being a cop,” Poppy Montgomery’s Carrie Wells, protagonist of CBS’ new crime drama Unforgettable, is told in the pilot episode. And we have to thank whomever for that. Montgomery won our hearts as Samantha Spade, part of a cracker jack FBI team trailing missing persons cases in Without A Trace just a few years ago, and now she is back and perhaps even more bad ass as an ex-cop who has more than a photographic memory but the ability to look back on situations and events and recall every detail from even new angles to see things the normal person would easily overlook. Her special talents come in mighty helpful when her neighbor is murdered just outside their apartment building and her old Detective buddy from the Syracuse PD, Al Burns (Dylan Walsh) calls in her special brand of expertise. But really it is Montgomery’s special talents for this type of serious work that make you unable to look away from this otherwise pretty routine program... [MORE]

"Yvonne Strahovski wants a happy ending for Chuck but does that include a child?"

The dynamic on Chuck has changed a lot over the years-- well, perhaps primarily in the jump from the end of season four to where the gang will pick up in season five. What started as a secret spy mission between strangers gradually became one unorthodox family, with last season ending in a wedding. What was once a cover only relationship became one of the greatest love stories on television. What would logically come next for a newlywed couple is getting pregnant and having a child, right? But Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) have never been your typical couple... [MORE]

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