Monday, September 5, 2011

From LA Examiner: Part One and Two of My Q&A With Betsy Brandt; Exclusive Clip From 'When Pop Culture Saved America'...

"Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt weighs in on the show's end and Emmy love"

When AMC announced that the next season of Breaking Bad would be its last, many fans may have felt as hopeless as Walter (Bryan Cranston) once did, upon learning he had cancer. The end was near, and Breaking Bad was still so young-- only four seasons in-- they believed it had so much left in it to do. Though AMC still hasn't officially decided on whether or not they will split the final batch of episodes ordered into two small but sure to be distinct seasons, it almost doesn't matter much at this point. Offering two short seasons is a way of extending its time on our television screens, but it isn't saving it. Fans-- and those that work on the show-- will have to just make the best of what they do have left, which as of now is the back end of season four, hopefully to be followed by some Emmy nominations next year for the hard-hitting dramatic series that was not even eligible this time around... [MORE]

"When Pop Culture Saved America: Revisiting September 11th through the arts"

Looking for a new take on a September 11th documentary? Look no further than When Pop Culture Saved America. Honestly, we’re not really sure what took this one so long to make its way onto television, especially considering that even the talking heads look as if they were shot a few years ago, if not immediately after the day itself, but we understand that the ten year mark may have just been timing too good to pass up... [MORE]

"Q&A with Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt"

Breaking Bad is one of those shows that just keeps getting better. They manage to ride the fine suspense line, keeping viewers on their toes by delivering higher dramatic stakes and character twists just when you think you've got them all figured out. Though at times the subject matter is severely dark (the lead does deal in methamphetamines, after all), the relationships between the characters still keep the stories from feeling close to home nonetheless. We caught up with Betsy Brandt to talk about where these colorful characters are going and what it's like to be on one of the grittiest, and most unique, shows on television... [MORE]

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