Monday, September 12, 2011

From LA Examiner: Preview '2 Broke Girls', 'Nikita's' Season Premiere, and 'The Playboy Club'; 'Awkward.' Q&A with Nikki Deloach...

"Fall 2011 Preview: CBS' 2 Broke Girls"

We have to give it to the titular girls of 2 Broke Girls. They take what could be caricature cutouts of archetypal “modern girls” and truly own their roles, making them as three-dimensional as possible, which judging from the rest of the pilot script, was not an easy task, and judging from the rest of the pilot episode itself, was not a task to which anyone else was up... [MORE]

"Preview the power shift of Nikita's second season premiere"

Last we saw Nikita, her little family was splitting up. Sure "Mikita" (aka Nikita and Michael-- Maggie Q and Shane West) were riding off, not quite into the sunset, together, but their surrogate child Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) was left behind, now a woman scorned. It was certainly the end for the partnership-- their alliance-- but when real emotions are involved, it can't possibly be the end of the relationship in general, right? "Game Change," the second season premiere for Nikita certainly exploits the new dynamics-- both within Division, where Alex is still working, though now she considers herself much more of a consultant, as well as for Nikita and Michael who are still on the run and forced to improvise their missions-- and promises many more explosive encounters to come... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 Preview: NBC's The Playboy Club"

There has been a lot of buzz this summer for The Playboy Club, NBC’s new drama that looks at the swinging and sexual sixties through the infamous men’s social clubs and the people that worked there. Some affiliates and critics were up in arms about the scantily clad women and sexual themes, but this particular critic is much more upset that while the time period lends itself to a wealth of political stories, instead the pilot focuses on the scandalous scripted nature of extramarital affairs and murder and mob melodrama... [MORE]

"Awkward.'s Nikki Deloach sounds off about the party, the guys & season two"

We can’t say enough good things about MTV’s Awkward. At its start we didn’t think it would be for us: who wants to go back to high school, after all, right? But with one episode we realized this wasn’t your typical high school scenario. Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) doesn’t fit any obvious social cliques or clich├ęs, and she is surrounded by witty fellow students who coin their own catchphrases in every episode. What’s even cooler is her mom: a woman, who when she stands side by side with her teenage daughter, looks the exact same age-- and a woman who tries her best but really doesn’t have much in common with her kid, nor a more mature mentality. Lacey Hamilton (Nikki Deloach) is someone we want to party with! So we set out to get the Awkward. scoop directly from her... [MORE]

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