Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' Photos; Gabriel Mann Gets 'Revenge'; Zooey Deschanel on 'New Girl'; Greg Garcia on 'Raising Hope'; Kris Polaha Again

In the second episode of the seventh season of Supernatural, "Hello Cruel World," the wall breaks in Sam (Jared Padalecki)’s head, and he begins to experience hallucinations. But we saw that in the season six finale, didn't we? So perhaps more importantly, Castiel (Misha Collins) struggles with his new power, and Bobby (Jim Beaver) worries about Dean (Jensen Ackles) going up against the new God... [MORE]

"Gabriel Mann on why his Revenge role might be Emily’s perfect match"

Revenge’s Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is a man of mystery. The rich kid may rub many Hamptons residents the wrong way, but he is the kind of tech genius who you might want on your side, lest he turn his talents against you. And pretty early on he sets his sights on Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp). But just why does he want to partner with her? Does he have deeper motives than just being a friend to her father-- perhaps even romantic motives? ... [MORE]

"Zooey Deschanel on the evolution of Jess on New Girl"

In the pilot episode of New Girl, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is a girl on the edge. After finding her boyfriend cheating on her, she hastily moves out-- and in with three other guys, where she lies on the couch, often in tears, singing along to “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing. But as visually comical as that may be for a minute, soon you realize you’re laughing at a girl’s despair, and things take a turn. So how long before Jess picks her life up and gets it together? ... [MORE]

"Greg Garcia prepares Raising Hope fans for the “year of secrets”

Right off the bat in the second season premiere of Raising Hope, fans will learn a lot more than they bargained to about the Chance family. It turns out there are some musical talents hidden deep within a number of them-- something you most likely didn’t expect from this particular brand of under-achievers, right? But then in episode two, we go outside the family a bit to find out a deep, dark secret of Sabrina (Shannon Woodward)’s. But Greg Garcia, the series creator, feels that’s exactly how it goes when you meet new people and get to know them gradually, so fans should expect many more slices of the Chances’ lives to come... [MORE]

"Noah Hawley re-teams with ABC for Courtroom 302"

This time last year, we were singing the praises of My Generation, ABC's drama set ten years after high school graduation but utilizing footage from both the "good ole days" and present day. The project came from Noah Hawley, and like his previous drama, The Unusuals, it was unjustly canceled after just a few episodes (in our not so humble opinion). But today there is reason for Hawley and his fans to celebrate: he has sold another new pilot to ABC! ... [MORE]

"Kristoffer Polaha explores the “dark matrix” of deceit that is Ringer"

“This is either going to make me sound like an a—hole, or it’s going to make me sound really clever,” Kristoffer Polaha laughed during our chat about his new CW drama Ringer. “But most television is made for C students, but our show is a solid, like, B+/A- student television. You’ve got to be watching; you’ve got to be paying attention; you’ve got to tune in every week. Because what we’re showing are little tiny things, little ways, a look that a character gives when she says something small. And if you’re not listening, and you didn’t hear, or you didn’t realize that something was answered in a flashback, like, two episodes ago…you’ll miss [even more].” ... [MORE]

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