Friday, September 2, 2011

From LA Examiner: The Therapy of 'Wilfred'; Justin Long Returns To TV; 'Community' on DVD; Adhir Kalyan Campaigns For Jennifer Beals...

"Elijah Wood and Jason Gann talk about the therapy of Wilfred"

When Wilfred first premiered, we attached to it immediately-- not just because we love dogs more than most people, but also because it seemed that the big furry guy that downtrodden Ryan (Elijah Wood) saw as a man in a dog suit (Jason Gann) was acting as his therapist. As unorthodox as it was, Wilfred was taking Ryan through situations and experiences designed to snap him out of his depression and make him a better man...Or maybe not. As the first season went on, certain situations just got weird and wacky and even we had trouble reading between the lines too much and just started seeing this dog as partner in crime, not necessarily a being with constant wisdom to impart. It was a cognizant shift in story, according to writer/performer Gann, who wanted to set up a comedic premise before they got into anything too heavy... [MORE]

"Justin Long flirts with FOX' New Girl"

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Justin Long is returning to TV for three episodes only in FOX' new freshman comedy, New Girl! ... [MORE]

"Go back to school with Community season two on DVD"

We’re streets ahead, and we know you are, too, so we’re not going to insult your intelligence by reminding you just what about Community’s storylines makes it so awesome. Besides, half of the fun of this show is going back and watching episodes again and being surprised by all of the little details you either forgot about or just missed because you were laughing too hard at something else the first time around. The show is one thing, but the DVD box set? A whole other story! ... [MORE]

"The Big Bang Theory snags a Switched at Birth actress"

It seems The Big Bang Theory has decided it needs a ladies man, and that ladies man is going to be Raj (Kunal Nayyar)! ...Um, you mean the guy who goes mute whenever an attractive woman is in his presence? How is that going to work? ... [MORE]

The wait is almost over for witches to come to The CW! Kevin Williamson's The Secret Circle premieres in just under two weeks, and now the network known for its pretty people has released a gallery of glamour shots of the cast. Take a look, fall in love prematurely, and then tune in! ... [MORE]

"Adhir Kalyan campaigning for Jennifer Beals to appear on Rules of Engagement"

“I’m really hopeful that Timmy will have a romantic liaison [this new season],” Rules of Engagement series co-star Adhir Kalyan told LA TV Insider Examiner when we caught up with him on the Los Angeles set last month... [MORE]

"Head to the beach this Labor Day weekend & get Revenge swag"

ABC is going all out to promote their new fall shows. First Pan Am made a stop-over at Los Angeles' own outdoor mall, The Grove, offering early fans a sneak peek at the pilot and a chance to obtain branded show bags, and now it's time for Revenge... [MORE]

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