Thursday, September 8, 2011

From LA Examiner: Video Interviews with Adam Harrington and Nestor Carbonell; Preview 'The Secret Circle', Returns of 'Always Sunny' & 'Archer'...

"The Secret Circle's Adam Harrington gives Gale Harold a run for his money"

If you were cast to play one of the parents on a CW show, you might worry, right? It's not an age thing, but it's about depicting characters that are so precocious they're often spent on their own, making all kinds of mistakes, without the watchful eye of mom, dad, or even guardian. And this seems to go double for a Kevin Williamson show on The CW! The Vampire Diaries featured adults once upon a time, but they have been slowly and surely picked off. Yet Adam Harrington may have found his perfect new gig with complicated father figure Ethan on The Secret Circle... [MORE]

"From LOST to Ringer, Nestor Carbonell is all about mysterious TV dramas"

Nestor Carbonell is in a tough position. No, not because he is trying to follow up LOST with another TV show. And no, not even because he is only one handsome man in a seemingly endless sea of them from which Sarah Michelle Gellar (or at least her Ringer character of Bridget) will be choosing. Instead, it is the fact that he is playing an agent who is trailing Bridget that is so worrisome. See, the thing is: his character of Victor knows Bridget; he knows her addictions and the checkers in her past. So it is probably only a matter of time before he catches on to the fact that she has not skipped town but is simply hiding in plain sight: by taking on her twin sister's identity. And if he is chasing her-- if he has the capacity to expose her-- he is a threat to her. And if we identify with Bridget, doesn't that make him the bad guy in this show? ... [MORE]

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"Fall 2011 Preview: The CW's The Secret Circle"

The CW's newest supernatural drama, The Secret Circle, certainly has shades of Kevin Williamson's other, early works within it. The pilot episode seems to start with an homage to his Scream franchise, with Cassie (Britt Robertson)’s mother Amelia (Emily Holmes) standing home alone in her kitchen, the phone ringing ominously, a dark and dangerous man coming for her outside. And of course some visual parallels can be drawn to The Vampire Diaries, simply because The Secret Circle features a lot of pretty teenagers dabbling in the supernatural in a rural area. But really, those are all such surface things. The Secret Circle, based on the novels by L.J. Smith, lives and breathes all on its own. And it's a life we can't wait to know more about... [MORE]

"HBO picks up The Untitled Aaron Sorkin Project"

Television just got a little bit smarter. HBO has announced today that they have picked up Aaron Sorkin's latest one-hour drama, currently simply titled The Untitled Aaron Sorkin Project, which centers on a cable news anchor and his team as they "set out on a patriotic and quixotic mission to do the news well in the face of corporate and commercial agendas and their own personal entanglements." So it appears Sorkin is taking the political best of The West Wing and setting it in a less fluffy world than sketch comedy ala Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip... [MORE]

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S7 starts with a hooker, some foot stuff & lots of chimichangas"

The guys behind It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have admitted that they didn’t hit their stride with the show until season four. So only three seasons later, does it really seem like a possibility that the characters all start thinking about “second acts” of their lives? Comedy is ever-changing these days, and Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Sweet Dee, and Frank are all such overgrown children that despite any best intentions, season seven bounds to be much more of the same ill-fated wacky adventures. And honestly, we wouldn’t want it any other way... [MORE]

"Days of our Lives sets schedule for the 4th annual "Day of Days" in L.A.!"

Days of our Lives films their episodes months in advance of when they will air, and thankfully they also plan their fan events with just as much prep time allowed, as well. The last remaining NBC daytime drama has fans from all around the world who are dedicated enough to fly out to Los Angeles to meet their favorite stars during the annual "Day of Days" at Universal Citywalk, and now you can hit "purchase" on those special fall travel packages, as the fourth annual celebration has been officially scheduled... [MORE]

"Archer has gone off the grid-- but we found him!"

Last we saw Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), his fiancĂ©e was murdered just before their wedding. And if you assumed he’d just be onto the next one, jumping into bed within the first few minutes of the new season…well, you wouldn’t be wrong. But his motivations would be much different than normal. Archer is grieving for the woman he actually did love-- perhaps the only one other than Lana (Aisha Tyler), and let’s face it, he still can’t admit that; he has run away to a tropical island, working as a bartender out of his fancy suits and into a puka shell necklace and Hawaiian shirt. And the emotional and psychological implications create a much darker subtext than usual... [MORE]

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