Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hottie Awards: The Men of Fall TV 2011...

No pretenses. This is simple eye-candy, a list of those guys on new fall shows who you won't want to miss.

10. Charlie's Angels was long-talked about for the female eye-candy. Lots of young men had posters of Farrah Fawcett in their bedrooms, but we never heard anyone talk about Bosley. That is all going to change with ABC's reboot and Ramon Rodriguez in the role, though!

9. Gotta love a guy in uniform, right? Mike Vogel is the youngest pilot for ABC's Pan Am, but his boyish charm is really just the beginning to the adventure you will take with him.

8. Everyone loves a good bad boy with a heart of gold. At least I do. And that is exactly what Wilson Bethel exemplifies in The CW's Hart of Dixie. He's a wise-cracking smart-ass who likes to drink, play music too loud, and drive around in an equally loud muscle car. He's the kind of guy who has an edge without appearing truly dangerous. He's the kind of guy who might annoy you at first. But he's also the kind of guy that proves to be everything you need, even if you don't even know you want it yet.

7. Something happened to Jim Caviezel after he played Jesus. He got a little rougher around the edges, went a little grayer in the temple, and seemed that much wiser from the experience. He is definitely a Person of Interest to me these days, and thanks to CBS, I can get to know him a little better (or simply stare at him) each week.

6. I'll admit it: I never quite got the attractive appeal of Darren Criss. Yes, the kid can sing; yes, he can dance; and yes, he seems to be a genuinely sweet person, but physically? He just didn't do it for me. But Revenge's Josh Bowman definitely does. He may not sing or dance (ABC has yet to put him to that test), but his smile lights up a room in just the same way, and he has a sexy accent to boot. Some may call him "Criss light," but I call him hottie!

5. In the pilot episode of Ringer, Mike Colter was barely seen and even lesser heard, but he left an impact nonetheless. His bright eyes sucked you in, and suddenly it was easy to understand why Bridget might trust him so much. I want his shoulder to lean on, too!

4. Patrick Wilson may be a bit more buttoned-up than we like in CBS' A Gifted Man, but visions of his now-dead ex-wife seem to promise to show off a softer side, too. Anything that keeps him in my living room every week!

3. Kristoffer Polaha has traded a man-boy uniform of tee-shirts for sleek and stylish suits as a writer living the high life in The CW's Ringer. And this time the dark suits may be hiding a darker side to his personality, too, and you know what? "Edgy" is something he wears well, too!

2. What can I say? The south just looks good on Scott Porter. In Hart of Dixie for The CW he gets to get out of that wheelchair and really show off his stuff as George Tucker, the all-American, all-around good guy.

1. You probably don't know Josh Dallas by name yet (admittedly I didn't), but you will. He is the quintessential Disney prince in ABC's Once Upon a Time, and I can only hope he will get his happy ending. With me.

... That sounded wrong. But you know what I mean.

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