Friday, September 9, 2011

My Five Cents: The Future of 'Dexter'...

Since it's that pesky time of year where actors are renewing their contracts, and the one that is currently making headlines is Michael C. Hall of Dexter, there are a few things I feel I must weigh in on. Naturally I love Dexter. You all know as much already. I would like nothing more than to see it go on forever, with Mr. Morgan facing new foes in both the world of murder and the world of murder investigation. But I am a smart enough student of television to know that it is better a show go out on its own, when it's still relevant and on top, and when the writers and producers know the end is coming so they can write to it accordingly.

Without Hall, there is no Dexter, so if he decides not to renew-- or not to renew for as long a term as we might like-- I think there is only one answer for how the show can live on, even when it's no longer on Showtime. I have two words for you: Memorabilia. Auction.

Modeled after the Profiles in History LOST auction of last year (though perhaps finding a way to aim more towards actual fans and not merely prop houses, museums, or other corporate collectors), everything from Dexter Morgan's "Slice of Life" boat, to Arthur Mitchell's beloved sister's urn, to Masuka's microscope, to the air conditioner that housed the bloodslide box, and even one or two of the actual blood slide boxes themselves can live on forever in loving and hopefully permanent home.s I know I personally have had my eye on a blood slide box for awhile (among a few other key items), and it would live as a center (and conversation) piece on my coffee table for years and years to come.

I would even volunteer my services to help produce the live auction event. It would certainly be a spectacle to see and a powerful way for the most passionate fans to honor and celebrate their favorite show.

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