Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One to Watch: Matthew Gumley...

When you saw Matthew Gumley on the season premiere of Modern Family as the big-balled New Yorker who stole Alex (Ariel Winter)'s first kiss, you probably assumed he really was just a kid from New York who got cast because his accent charmed the producers. After all, when you're planning a "family vacation" episode, it's Screenwriting 101 to have them encounter another family who is clearly from a different geographic region simply to showcase differences in behavior and culture. But if you assumed he was just a little mook in training, you'd be sorely underestimating this young talent.

In truth, Gumley, who hails from Florida, is an accomplished voice actor and has been for a number of his young years. He has done characters for kid-friendly Nickelodeon hits like Dora the Explorer and The Wonder Pets, as well as more adult fare, like the Grand Theft Auto videogame franchise. He has appeared on Law & Order: SVU twice-- in two separate and distinct roles-- and to further solidify his chameleon status, he will also be appearing in the Psych season premiere on USA in mid-October as the son of an English ambassador. Though his cherubic face never changes, his voice certainly does.

Gumley has been focusing a good chunk of the last few years on Broadway work, in addition to voice acting. Certainly theatre training such as Mary Poppins, Elf: The Musical, and The Addams Family has helped him smoothly transition not only to the small screen but also to various genres within that other medium, and we can only hope he'll stick around in front of the camera for the time being so that audiences outside of New York City can continue to fall in love with him, too!

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