Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vodcast #2: The One Where We Talk Returning Shows...

If you were following along at home, last week I premiered my first vodcast along side friend Marisa Roffman of Give Me My Remote. We shot the discussion about fall TV all on one day, but because online attention spans are short, we decided to split it into two segments: new and returning shows (and even then we had to leave a good chunk on the cutting room floor). You already saw what new shows we are most excited about, but now see which returning ones we are most anticipating (and why)!

Um, you can pretty much guess what I wanted to talk about, right??

Since vodcasting is still such a new thing for us-- and since writing news all day has a tendency to zap us of creativity (well, at least it does for me), we haven't even given our vodcast an official name yet. So when you watch this, should creativity or inspiration strike, feel free to Tweet and let us know what YOU would call it. If we like it so much we steal it, we will award you a prize!

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