Monday, September 26, 2011

Who's That Girl?: Grace's 'The Good Wife' Tutor Edition...

The story line on The Good Wife where Grace (Makenzie Vega) needed a tutor in the third season premiere seemed to be a bit of a yawner at first glance. Especially after the sexually tense second season finale and the steamy promos promising lots of sexy drama from Julianna Margulies and Josh Charles this year, I was one of those viewers who didn't want to "waste time" watching the kids. But the minute the girl, who was already shall we say, exhibiting some quirks?, pulled out a boombox on the bus, we knew something big was coming. The random improv dancing in a public place, filmed for online consumption, of course, opened Grace's eyes to a less-than-buttoned up way of living her life, but it also will open the sometimes stuffy Good Wife audience up to a young talent.

So who is that girl? Anne Marsen, who played Grace's tutor has no IMDb footprint. Yet. She has no formal, official website of her own (but she is on Facebook, Tumblr, and of course Vimeo). But she will now that she has this more than legitimate credit underneath her belt. The twenty-something interpretive dancer once trained in ballet at Lincoln Center but has since gone a more modern route, mixing styles and often performing in public to utilize the reaction of the unprepared crowd around her in her pieces. She choreographs based on instinct, it seems, because so many of her videos are improvisational. But a few months ago, in the spring of 2011, she became an overnight online hit by appearing in an extended music video for photographer Jacob Krupnick.

The season premiere left it seeming like Marsen, who lives in New York City where The Good Wife films, will be back for at least another episode. Grace may have thought she was weird at first, but by the end of the "Bollywood" number, she found a new respect for her classmate and a lightness to her that I thought was not possible for the sometimes whiny, always dull "good girl." Who knows? Maybe she'll be inspired into some performance art of her own or even a career in video direction or photography. Surely her father's campaign could have benefited from such an approach towards getting the youth vote!

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