Monday, October 3, 2011

From LA Examiner: Allison Mack Teams Up With IBG; Advance Reviews of 'Enlightened' & 'Last Man Standing'; 'Once Upon A Time' Spoilers From The Set...

"Allison Mack to headline IBG Inc’s final 2011 Conversation Series"

Los Angeles’ own fundraising facilitator non-profit IBG Inc is planning to close out 2011 with an event worthy of a superhero. Or at least one of the key women behind a superhero. Yes, that’s right: Allison Mack (of Smallville fame) has signed onto IBG Inc’s Conversation Series... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: HBO's Enlightened"

Tongue-in-cheek titled ‘Enlightened’ paints quite the sad picture of a lost woman. HBO seems to want an answer to Showtime’s dark comedy The Big C, and their attempt is Enlightened starring Laura Dern. But instead of cancer, her character of Amy gets religion. Well, maybe religion is a stretch, but she certainly gets in touch with her inner spiritual side after having an emotional breakdown in her corporate office after the guy she was sleeping with basically bumps her out of her cushy department. Smartly written by Mike White (who also co-stars), the series shows potential at giving an audience something to think about, but it’s hard to have much fun with it when the main character takes herself way too seriously and doesn’t seem to realize she is actually the problem... [MORE]

"Once Upon A Time sets up a curse, secrets, doppelgangers, and an epic battle!"

When the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) goes about brandishing her curse over all of the fairytale characters like Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), and Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) in Once Upon A Time, she announces that there will be no more happy endings...for anyone other than her. So naturally in the "real world" of Storybrooke where these characters have been imprisoned-- in space and time-- they are torn apart from their loved ones and doomed to live lives that are just "less than" (perfect). Naturally that means that Snow and Charming are not together. In quite a drastic way. But series executive producer Steve Pearlman shared with LA TV Insider Examiner that not every famous fairytale couple will experience a similar fate... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: ABC's Last Man Standing"

Tim Allen, like Paul Reiser just before him, is hoping for a successful return to network television. But unlike Reiser, Allen is returning to his roots with a traditional family sitcom (laugh track and all) to hopefully invoke not only a sense of nostalgia but also a callback to simpler times. In Last Man Standing, he is a disgruntled dad of three (sound familiar?) but this time his offspring are teenage girls, one of whom has a child of her own already. And he is fed up with the way they have been coddled and protected and basically not taught to depend on themselves. But while in one breath he is chastising his middle girl for not knowing how to change a tire, in the next he is telling his oldest she needs to find a husband to help her raise her son. The sense of traditionalism is in conflict here as the sitcom struggles to make his point that we have all become soft without sounding completely chauvinistic... [MORE]

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