Monday, October 31, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'American Horror Story' Renewed; 'The Secret Circle' Previewed...

"FX picks up season two of American Horror Story, just in time for Halloween!"

Happy Halloween, indeed! FX announced via press release to the media today that they have renewed American Horror Story for a thirteen-episode second season. This announcement comes in the middle of it's two-part Halloween special, the conclusion of which sheds some more light on Tate (Evan Peters)'s deal and airs on November 2nd... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Shelley Hennig visits Henry's lakehouse in The Secret Circle"

When LA TV Insider Examiner visited the set of The Secret Circle earlier this month, the kids of the coven were camped out one rainy night at a lakehouse-- a lakehouse that belonged to a familiar, though no longer entirely living, face. While the production crew created thunderous rain and sprinklings of lightning outside the windows for the episode entitled "Beneath," the majority of the circle sat upstairs in the living room, drinking and playing truth or dare. You know, like typical high school kids. But since they are witches-- and since a traitor (Jake aka Chris Zylka) sat among them-- the evening was bound to end anything but typically... [MORE]

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