Thursday, October 27, 2011

From LA Examiner: Eric Winter Coming To TNT; Lana Parrilla Humanizes 'Once Upon A Time's' Evil Queen; Reggie Lee Previews 'Grimm'; FOX Feeds Halloween

"Scent of the Missing nabs Eric Winter"

The drama, which has already cast Tricia Helfer, is based on the Susannah Charleson book, centering on a "tenacious, strong-willed K-9 Search and Rescue volunteer who works with an equally determined partner-- her mischievous golden retriever, Puzzle." The pilot is being produced by procedural maven Carol Mendelsohn, as well as Melissa Byter and Treena Hancock. Winter is said to be playing Jake, another member of the team who works with his own dog, Shadow... [MORE]

"The Evil Queen Speaks: On the Set with Once Upon A Time's Lana Parrilla"

At the end of the Once Upon A Time pilot, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) asks Regina (Lana Parrilla) if she truly does love her adopted son Henry (Jared Gilmore), a boy that Emma gave up for adoption ten years prior. Having been born from a fairy-tale, Emma has a magical power of her own, you see; she can always tell when someone is lying. So as she studies Regina’s face when Regina claims that yes, of course she loves her son, and then moves into Granny’s B&B, the audience gets the impression that Emma knows a truth about Regina already that perhaps Regina has yet to even admit to herself. LA TV Insider Examiner had a chance to sit down with Parrilla on the Vancouver set of Once Upon A Time earlier this month to weigh in on if Regina truly had a caring bone in her body or if her “Evil Queen ways” were shining through every moment, even in the Storybrooke world... [MORE]

"Reggie Lee breaks down the addiction and procedural elements to NBC's Grimm"

Back before NBC even announced time slot for their new supernatural cop drama Grimm, early comparisons immediately began to ABC's new fairy-tale drama Once Upon a Time, as well as to longer-running fan favorites like Supernatural (The CW) and Fringe (FOX) due to the similarities in subject matter. Grimm centers on a homicide unit in a town where creatures from the famous Grimm's stories walk among the "regulars," and more often than not, wreak havoc. But the show has a few very specific differences that set it apart from any it has already been compared to. Here Reggie Lee weighs in on what those things are plus a few more that make Grimm-- and his police Sergeant role-- unique... [MORE]

"Get your grub on with FOX' (not just candy) Halloween food truck in L.A."

FOX is rolling out a very special "Eats & Treats" food truck in Los Angeles in order to get fans into the Halloween spirit! And for those of you with more refined palates (read: you don't just sit around eating candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the days and weeks around the trick-or-treating holiday), the entirely FREE menu consists of everything from grilled cheeses to french fries to s'mores. And it's all themed for FOX' fabulous programming! ... [MORE]

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