Monday, October 10, 2011

From LA Examiner: Fall TV Scorecard (NBC & CBS Standings); Scott Porter's Case For "Team George" on 'Hart of Dixie'; What To Expect in 'Ringer'...

"Fall 2011 scorecard: NBC cancels 2, picks up 1; CBS cancels 1, picks up 1..."

Fall 2011 is proving to be a trying time to be a television show. Earlier this week, CBS ordered a full season pick-up of the Kat Dennings/Beth Behrs sitcom 2 Broke Girls-- a show that features horse crap jokes and has single-handedly made "vagina" the buzz word for this television season. Is that really the direction in which we want to see television headed? Regardless, while one celebrated, another was surely biting its nails... [MORE]

"Scott Porter sounds off on being the "voice of reason" in Hart of Dixie"

If you thought things were already complicated on Hart of Dixie with so many romantic entanglements, you may need to sit down. Though the new dramatic series, and everyone involved in it, is enjoying a slow roll-out of character complications and relationship discoveries, there is still a lot to take in with as many players as there currently are. And earlier today in Los Angeles executive producer Leila Gerstein admitted to LA TV Insider Examiner that soon there will be a “third potential love interest” for Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)... [MORE]

"Ringer inches toward redemption but the door for revenge is left wide open"

Last we left Ringer, Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) attempted to save herself from Gemma (Tara Summers)’s wrath by revealing her true identity to her twin sister’s bestie. But just because she announced she wasn’t Siobhan doesn't mean she can breathe any easier. Whether or not Gemma takes her at her word, there are still a whole lot of other people to keep the secret from and a whole lot of new complications to be born from the idea that now someone else is sharing the secret, too... [MORE]

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