Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From LA Examiner: GetGlue Changing The Way We Watch TV; Video Chat With 'Supernatural's' Jensen & Jared; Ana Gasteyer Moves Into 'Suburgatory'...

"GetGlue: Activating the television landscape-- for fans *and* networks"

The way television audiences consume shows these days is much more of an integrated, active endeavor than at any other point in history. Through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, fans are able to not only interact with each other while watching their favorite program, but they are also able to often interact with those who create the product directly. And taking it a step further, sites like GetGlue are even offering reward perks for getting involved in the conversation. Long gone are the days when you just sit back and watch a show silently and singularly in your own home; each television season more and more embraces the idea of community that can come from a shared interest in a particular show... [MORE]

"Supernatural's Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki tease the "stripped down" S7"

"I think the basic thing is it's a return to Sam and Dean with only Sam and Dean," Supernatural series star Jared Padalecki teased when LA TV Insider Examiner visited the Vancouver set* of The CW series this afternoon... [MORE]

"Ana Gasteyer takes "uptight white mom" to a whole other level in Suburgatory"

“I watered the lawn in the pilot,” Ana Gasteyer laughed, reminding LA TV Insider Examiner when we sat down with her on the Suburgatory set in Los Angeles and asked her what about the evolution of her character, Sheila Shay, “perfect” suburban mom excited her the most... [MORE]

"Raising Hope: The Chance family knows how to do a vacation right"

When family sitcoms take a vacation, it’s usually somewhere with beautiful scenery, maybe with a touch of exoticism, that always leaves the audiences wishing they, too, could have take the trip. But when Raising Hope’s Chances take a vacation, odds are a lot better that you will just want to sit back and relax in your cushy living room while they scuttle through the experience. The Chances don’t have much money, but they do have a lot of love for their family, so it is only fitting that their big vacation episode (which saw the production actually heading to Las Vegas) would be centered on a wedding of one such family member. The entire clan (plus Sabrina!) head west with good intentions, but nothing goes according to plan. Unless of course you plan is just to laugh and laugh... [MORE]

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