Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Homeland' Renewed; Adam Brody Returns to Teen So.Cal Life in 'Good Vibes'; What Joshua Gomez Brings to the New Intersect on 'Chuck'

"Today Showtime is the hero, renewing Homeland for season two"

David Nevins, did you ever know that you're our hero?? It's only been four episodes since Homeland hit Showtime, but we've been on the edge of our seat every week not only for the next new dramatic episode but also for an announcement about its fate. Showtime seasons are short, after all, and we needed to mentally prepare ourselves if the first season would be the only one. Each episode is already savored, but it would carry much more weight if they'd be the last. Thankfully, though, Showtime has announced this morning that they have greenlit a second season of the already acclaimed drama... [MORE]

Adam Brody makes waves in Good Vibes, another “teen life in So.Cal” series"

Looking at Woodie, the lanky, blond-Afroed “surf dude” in MTV’s new animated high school comedy Good Vibes, you would probably never be able to guess at the man behind him. Listening to Woodie, with his slow, relaxed drawl might not be much help. But the talented voice actor bringing Woodie to life, Adam Brody, swears that he has more in common with his new character than his fans might imagine... [MORE]

"Q&A with Joshua Gomez on being the new Intersect in Chuck"

Joshua Gomez has come a long way on Chuck. Even before Morgan picked up those sunglasses in the season four finale and ended up “knowing kung fu,” he had grown up a lot through the years, simply working with his best pal and being let in on some spy secrets. He went from a computer repair guy that no one took seriously (he slept on Star Wars sheets, after all!) to a managerial position within the Buy More with a very real, and pretty, girlfriend. Okay, he still sleeps on the Star Wars sheets, but that just makes Morgan, Morgan! And now in the fifth and final season, we are meeting Morgan 2.0: Intersect Morgan who now has the ability to save the day. And the world... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Mike & Molly's scary Halloween wedding (sort of)"

Don't worry; we didn't just spoil a major plot point. Mike (Billy Gardell) and Molly (Melissa McCarthy) are not moving their nuptials up just to fall in time with a holiday-- a holiday that Mike actually hates, by the way. But the titular duo in CBS' Mike & Molly are taking on a couple's costume worthy of any wedding when they dress up as Frankenstein's monster and his bride! ... [MORE]

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