Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Secret Circle', 'Vampire Diaries' & 'Supernatural' Photos; Kris Polaha Defends 'Ringer's' Henry; A Very Special 'Harry's Law'...

"PHOTO PREVIEW: The Secret Circle's Slither"

You didn't think The Secret Circle was going to be all smooth sailing now that the circle was bound, did you? ... [MORE]

PHOTO PREVIEW: The Vampire Diaries' Reckoning"

"For Matt, specifically, it's kind of bittersweet because just the beginning of last year, really, you know, he was a football player, he had Elena, just coming out of that relationship; he and his friends were good; he had his sister. There's a sense of life that he's lost over the two seasons of our show, and it's really hurting him, and we really get to explore that in a really beautiful and tragic way" ... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Supernatural S7, Ep 5"

With a title like "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" and a guest star roster that includes Buffy alumni James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter, Supernatural just keeps getting better and better this seventh season, doesn't it? ... [MORE]

"Q&A with Kristoffer Polaha on Ringer’s shocking twist!"

Tell us the truth: just how long did it take you to get over last night’s shocking episode of Ringer? An episode that made us look at Kristoffer Polaha in a way we never thought possible. If you haven’t seen the episode, stop reading right now and get to a DVR or computer to stream the full forty-four minutes. Then come back here. Because we know you will have questions (most notably “Why??”), and thanks to Polaha, we have answers! ... [MORE]

"Happy Endings puts a positive spin on boat shows, tourists, and Navajos"

Happy Endings is the gift that keeps on giving, and in its next episode, “Yesandwitch,” we get so many gifts it might as well be Christmas morning! ... [MORE]

"Brittany Snow has a very special message for Harry’s Law fans"

It’s that time of television again: Harry’s Law is about to take on a “very special episode.” Thanks in great part to series star Brittany Snow, who is extremely active with “Love Is Louder,” the quirky David E. Kelley law dramedy is taking on the topic by featuring a case that deals with cyber bullying... [MORE]

"Syfy sets winter 2012 schedule, renews Haven"

Syfy announced just yesterday during their digital press tour that the cable network will kick off 2012 by launching two new series, a brand new reality show Monster Man and the supernatural drama Lost Girl, which Canadian audiences already know and embrace. The two series join a stellar line-up listed below, and if all of these great original programs weren't enough, Syfy also officially renewed Haven for a third season... [MORE]

"The CW gives full seasons to Ringer, The Secret Circle & Hart of Dixie"

The CW truly is TV to talk about today! The dramatic network has granted all three of its new fall shows full season orders... [MORE]

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