Friday, October 21, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'The Secret Circle' Halloween; Advance Reviews of 'Chuck' & 'Grimm'; Jennifer Morrison Acts As The Audience In 'Once Upon A Time'...

"PHOTO PREVIEW: The Secret Circle's Britt Robertson previews Halloween (Masked)"

"It’s kind of kitschy, I mean, you know, the thing is when we have witches and Halloween, it can be fun to make fun of certain things, you know what I mean?" The Secret Circle star Britt Robertson smiled when LA TV Insider Examiner visited her on the Vancouver set* earlier this month... [MORE]

"Chuck Vs The Fifth Season: He may not be the Intersect but he’s still the key"

“It’s times like these I wish I still had the Intersect,” Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) not so glibly remarks in the opening scene of “Chuck Versus The Zoom,” Chuck’s fifth and final season on NBC-- a scene that sees Chuck, Casey (Adam Baldwin), and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) staring down multiple gun barrels, on the edge of a mansion on a cliff's balcony... [MORE]

"Fall 2011 preview: NBC's Grimm"

NBC knows how to do police procedurals. Whether they’re chronicling the side of the law that catches criminals, or the side that locks them up, they have perfected the formula of issues of the week. For some reason, though, the network-- and its audience-- seems reluctant to embrace change or open their minds to more complex storytelling. A show like their newest one-hour drama, Grimm, with its complicated themes and almost anti-hero characters, seems to scream a warning that this isn’t your typical NBC cop drama. And yet the pilot episode proved to be exactly what you’d expect from a network procedural, burying its intricate mythology the way lead character Nick (David Giuntoli)’s family buried the truth of what he was for so long... [MORE]

"Jennifer Morrison is the audience's eyes in Once Upon A Time"

ABC’s newest drama, Once Upon A Time, is a magical ride into a land that we may have imagined in our wildest dreams as children but most likely have grown too cynical to even think about these days. But don’t worry; the show itself has an answer to that! Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) is a real world woman with deeply ingrained fairy-tale roots-- roots about which she is not aware and once confronted with flat out disbelieves. She acts as a portal for the audience, in that way: a somewhat jaded realist who has seen too many dark parts of the world to suspend her disbelief towards something so fantastical... [MORE]

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