Thursday, October 20, 2011

From LA Examiner: Shane West Previews The 'Nikita' Split; 'Modern Family' Sees All-Star Guest Stars; Charisma Carpenter, Bewitching on 'Supernatural'

When a show like Nikita throws its leads into a relationship as early on as season one, you know things can't stay all rosy forever. It's The CW, after all. But Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) have been very much together since they went on the run, and as much as we love them together (and we do love them together!), we have to admit we've kind of been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even the best spies and assassins, as we've already seen, sometimes screw up due to emotional entanglements. Michael and Nikita show a softer side around each other, which has been great for character development, but if it starts to bleed over into their missions? They'd be sitting ducks for Division in no time! ... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Modern Family's great guest stars of November 2011"

Modern Family may be a show about kin, but kin can often include friends, as well as bloodlines. And come the "Treehouse" episode this November, you're about to see why. With star-studded friends like this, who even needs family!? ... [MORE]

"Charisma Carpenter gets & gives Supernatural relationship advice"

It's from one iconic, fan favorite series to another for Charisma Carpenter! The Buffy alum spent some time up in Vancouver this summer filming a very special guest starring role on Supernatural, and from what she told us about her "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" appearance (with a title like that, you know it's going to be good!), the episode itself is sure to be iconic all on its own... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Community gears up for November sweeps"

School may have only been back in session on Community for a few short weeks now, but already things have gotten pretty advanced. Britta (Gillian Jacobs) has declared a surprising major-- psychology-- while Troy (Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi) have finally taken their own relationship to the next level and moved in together. And this is just the beginning. Community is planning a whole bunch of big events and parties to come over the next few weeks, and our recommendation is that you get involved, too, by throwing viewing parties every Thursday! ... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Spend Halloween at a Parks and Recreation house party"

The Pawnee Parks and Recreation department may not be the most festive bunch, but enough of them are goofball enough-- or at least childlike enough-- to appreciate the sentiment behind Halloween. Besides, they love to party, and what better an excuse than such a holiday, right? Well, in the fourth season Halloween episode entitled "Meet N Greet," that's exactly the attitude! ... [MORE]

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