Monday, October 24, 2011

From LA Examiner: Shane West Talks Back Half of 'Nikita' S2; 'Supernatural' Preps A Wedding & Murder Spree; #MoreEthan! On 'The Secret Circle'...

Sometimes I feel like I should just work directly for Warner Brothers and/or The CW...

Now that Nikita fans know Michael (Shane West)’s dirty little secret past with Cassandra (guest star Helena Mattsson), and really, it didn’t seem so bad—we mean, we’d love to have little Max as our kid, too!-- we’re not too worried about the fact that she’s sticking around for at least another episode. Though West teased that “Cassandra’s character ends up being a lot more interesting than people think” when we caught up with him in Los Angeles just last week, personally we think what is more exciting is the fish-out-of-water element this season has been for Michael. And we are hoping that means we’ll get some more insight into him and his past soon... [MORE]

"Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki tease Supernatural’s wedding & “Slash Fiction”

When LA TV Insider Examiner caught up with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on the Vancouver set* of Supernatural this month, we asked them a little bit about the struggles for their characters this season. Admittedly, we have always been much more focused on the emotional arcs for the boys, rather than “just” the demon of the week, but season seven seems to be ripe with both! ... [MORE]

"Adam Harrington gives us a taste of “More Ethan” on The Secret Circle"

This may not be the most professional thing in the world, but LA TV Insider Examiner decided last week to try to trend a special hashtag for The Secret Circle. In the act of full disclosure, it is not a hashtag we came up with (we can thank a fellow journalist for it), but we are taking the idea and running with it: #MoreEthan, to signify we want to see more of Ethan Conant (Adam Harrington) on The Secret Circle! We would never take all of the credit, but it appears we are getting our wish sooner than perhaps expected. After quite a few episodes with only a mention of Ethan, he is bursting back into the show to try to stop his son from tempting fate, but also to (finally) deal with the ramifications of what happened sixteen years ago with his own circle and what appears to be being mimicked now with his son’s... [MORE]

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