Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Joins "25 Days of Christmas"...

I love Christmas. Anyone who reads this blog knows that. I love it more than Hallmark, the company that started selling ornaments and decorations in August of this year. I bought an ornament then, but even I had to admit I thought it was a little early. So when ABC Family sent over their first press release for the new original movies included in this year's "25 Days of Christmas" extravaganza, I hesitated about posting it. I didn't want to turn the rest of you off from my blog by getting too into the holiday season too soon. But then I stopped and thought for a minute and realized I don't care if you get turned off. I love Christmas, and I am posting away! It may not be professional to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and dive right into this admittedly incredibly biased stunt, but this is a personal blog, so I don't have to play by the rules of timing! Besides, if ABC Family didn't want all of you to get excited about it, too, they wouldn't have sent the info so soon. So get excited. Because this season, not only are there brand new holiday movies coming your way, but one of them features the love of most of our childhood lives, Mr. Mark-Paul Gosselaar!

"25 Days of Christmas" won't start until December 1st, but on November 20th there will be a "Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas" to get you even more in the mood, at a much more calendar-appropriate time.

From the ABC Family press release:

This year, “Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas” will feature the ABC Family original movie premiere of Desperately Seeking Santa on Sunday, November 27 (8pm). Laura Vandervoort stars as an ambitious young marketing executive who dreams up the ticket to Christmas sales: a sexy Santa contest. Teenage girls and their moms flock to her mall when the gorgeous winner of the contest becomes a local hero, sending sales through the roof. She counted on this new Santa to win her a promotion - not win her heart, complicate her life and question everything she ever wanted. In addition, ABC Family is proud to bring the wooftastic holiday movie The Search for Santa Paws to television for the first time on Monday, November 21 (9pm).

“25 Days of Christmas” is the biggest cable programming event of the year, and ABC Family delivers the gift of holiday cheer with the world premiere of the original movie, 12 Dates of Christmas, starring Amy Smart and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Premiering Sunday, December 11 (8pm), 12 Dates of Christmas follows a young woman who re-lives the same first date on Christmas Eve over and over again until she learns to open up her world to new things and stop living in the past.

Viewers can also ring in the holidays with the television premiere of the Pink Panther animated short A Very Pink Christmas, on Wednesday, December 7 (6pm) and the network premiere broadcasts of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, on Wednesday, December 7 (9pm), and Disney-Pixar’s Up on Friday, December 16 (9pm).

Triple platinum artists, The Band Perry, who are currently nominated for three AMA and a total of five CMA Awards, have written and recorded an original holiday song for “25 Days of Christmas” and will shoot a music video for the song, which will be part of the network’s on-air and online campaign. Viewers will get an exclusive 60-second sneak peek of the music video during the November 20 (8pm) airing of Holiday in Handcuffs, and the entire video will be available immediately afterward online at ABCFamily.com/25Days.


EM said...

It's never too early for Christmas talk, especially when the news is so awesome. Words can not express how excited I am for an MPG Christmas movie. It's like a childhood dream come true...

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