Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Team Wade! ('Hart of Dixie') Team Wade! ...

Hart of Dixie creator and executive producer Leila Gerstein wants to remain neutral when it comes to loving all of her boys equally. “Half our audience is rooting for Zoe to be with George and half our audience is rooting for Zoe to be with Wade," she hoped. "You will not be disappointed if you’re rooting for George and Zoe, but you won’t be disappointed if you’re rooting for Wade and Zoe!" And that's all well and good, but personally I have already drawn my line in the sand. George (Scott Porter) is handsome, well-spoken, well-put-together, and all-around a seeming good guy. But that seems too easy, and there's something to be said for the excitement and the challenge, isn't there? And that is why (no surprise here), I am 100% Team Wade.

Now, being Team Wade (Wilson Bethel) should not imply that I am not pro-Porter, nor that I am not rooting for George to succeed in other ways. But being Team Wade means that I want him to get the girl this time around, and this time around the girl in question is the titular Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson)...or, you know, me by audience extension. ;)

From the first time Zoe meets Wade in the pilot episode, he is shown to be everything that she is not. He is loud and free-spirited to her "play by the rules," high-strung control freak; he smiles and takes time to smell the roses, while she still rushes around, stuck in her big city mentality; and he pushes buttons intentionally, when she is just trying to put her head down and power through, determined that people like her, rather than be agitated by her. Yet in many ways, they are a lot alike right off the bat, as well. Neither one makes the best first impression, for example. But more than anything else, Wade, like the town in which he resides, represents something that Zoe may resist but which may ultimately prove to be what is best for her.

I've never denied my own personal attraction to the kind of guy who is rough around the edges enough physically to appear to be a bad boy but whose heart underneath the rugged image is truly one of gold. He may challenge you, but more importantly, he will inspire you. He is the kind of guy you'll find yourself wanting to improve for-- notice I didn't say "change" for but simply smooth out your own rough edges and work on being the best possible you. And as someone who greatly identifies with Zoe's own particular brand of city girl speed and snark, the one who would actually make me want to slow down is Wade.

But let's look at what we're learning about Wade thus far, too. He's been a tough nut to crack, truly a private guy underneath the crooked smile he uses to be the life of the party, yet already he is showing a softer side to anyone who's paying attention. He may be the type who's always up for a good time, but just last week during the parade he took time out of his day, unprompted, to help a young girl make a break through with a crush of her own. And damn if he didn't chip away another notch in my own icy city heart a little bit more in that moment.

Wade's also a really good friend, a hell of a cook (apparently), has a silly sense of humor, and attempts to offer advice...however misguided it may be. He tries, that's important, and he means well, and that's even more important. He has flavor, and at the end of the day, that's the most important of them all.

I have no doubt, as time goes on and we get to know Wade even more, that we will learn he hasn't always had things easy. I'm sure he has issues of his own-- maybe from a tumultuous childhood, maybe from a teenage love that broke his heart, maybe both-- resulting in a wall in his own way, when it comes to relationships. But honestly, that makes him all the more appealing because it makes him flawed; it makes him vulnerable; it makes him well-rounded and real. Wade is the every man; George is the crazy high standard that seems too good to be true. And you know what they say: if it appears too good to be true, it probably is. With Wade, you know you're getting complicated, but he wears it well.

Plus, how can you argue with this!?:

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